Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week 6 of Swim Lessons

Cole is in the middle of week 6 of swim lessons. Now, most kids don't go longer than 6 weeks and pretty much have the techniques down after 5 or 6......but not Cole!!! haha!!! As Cindy, the instructor says, he's the most stubborn, laid back kid she knows. I know it's kind of a oxymoron. He is doing so much better, but will probably still have to go one more week after this. Oh well, at least he's still cute! :)
Auntie Em got a chance to watch his lessons today and I'm sure she thought it was pure torture, ha! Here is his video from today.

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Emily said...

I only felt bad for the little guy when he looked at me for salvation and I couldn't help... poor guy!