Thursday, August 19, 2010

Love this Toddler Stage!

I have said over and over that this 18 month toddler thing is hard! I think between 15-18 months has definitely been the hardest, but still so fun at the same time. At this stage of life, they are sponges and will sometimes repeat everything you say. Everyone knows that you have to say, "no no" a lot to a toddler, and everyone knows that sooner or later, that toddler will start saying, "no no" back to you. When they first start doing it, it's kinda funny. Just like when they learn and associate what "mama" means. Of course it's so cute to hear them call you that, but when they walk around saying, "mama mama mama mama", after awhile you want to pull your hair out and change your name.
Well, back to this "no no" thing.....let's just say Cole has gotten a little too good at this "no" thing and he's starting to get a bit sassy with it now.
I took this video on our way to the airport last weekend when we were taking my parents to the airport and his sassy-ness sure came out! He does not like people touching him while he's in his car seat for some reason....:)

I also forgot to put this picture on my post from earlier this week. We took this picture right before we left for the airport and I thought it turned out really cute. Cole still walks around the house saying, "Papa, Papa...Meme". AND, what's so cute is that he will say Mama, Dada, Papa in his regular voice, but when he says Meme, he gets super high pitched...ha!

I'm so glad the weekend is almost here! This has been a long week full of teacher in-service and now the kids come back on Monday. I guess I'm excited for another year to start, but a little nervous because I'm teaching a new class.
Cole has been doing great at the new sitter's. Her name is Miss Jennifer and she is just great with all the kids. He does fuss for a little bit when I drop him off, but Jennifer is so nice in that she called me today right after I got back into my car and told me that Cole had stopped crying already and they were snuggling. She just didn't want me leaving thinking that he cried all morning. :) There is another little girl there that is one month older than Cole and Jennifer said they had a "No" war today, just saying no-no back and forth to each other. ha!
We are so blessed to have found another great sitter and I know Cole will love it there!

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