Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finally Done!!!

Well Cole, it's about time that......YOU FINALLY ARE GRADUATING FROM SWIM LESSONS!!!!!
It only took 7 weeks, but you have gotten so good and I totally trust that you would not drown if you fell in :)
Today you had to swim with your clothes and shoes on and today was probably the best day you had! You even had to wear a normal (not swim) diaper and that alone is like 10lbs! You only fussed a little bit and worked really hard. Cindy even had you do some flips to try to get you disoriented and you did so well with everything she threw at you. We are so proud of you Cole!!

Here you are with Grammy Volk before lessons
It was nice having someone other than myself be there to take a picture of the two of us :)

Here is his video with his clothes on. Unfortunately, I didn't get the good stuff with all the flips and crazy dips but this is pretty cool too! Tomorrow is our last day and I will get in the water with him so Cindy can tell us what to do when we go swimming with him. Yay, I'm so glad we are finally finished with lessons. Now we will probably start the group lessons where I can be with him and maybe he won't cry through them anymore...ha!

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The Miller Family said...

What a big boy! It's been really cool and interesting to watch his progress... good job, Cole! :o)