Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Past Few Days

This past week was a such a great way to spend my last week before going back to school!! My mom got here last Tuesday and then my dad got here on Thursday. My mom was able to see Cole finish his last 2 days of swim lessons and on his last day of swimming, we decided to take him to the splash park by our house. The heat here in Dallas is a little unbearable to be outside so we didn't stay at the park too long. Cole had fun though and was able to burn off some energy!

All the little kids were screaming and squealing, so in this picture, you can kind of tell that Cole was screaming along with them. :)
Friday we mostly hung out at the house and played since my dad was now in town. We were able to meet up with Dennis and Tracy for dinner and this reminded Nick and I, once again, why we don't like going out to eat with an 18 month old.....
This is what went on for most of the meal...haha!!! Each of us would take a turn and follow him around the restaurant because the last thing he wanted to do was sit at the table. He's just at a hard age that you can't really reason with him yet on why he needs to stay in his seat...ugh!
Good thing Granddad is so tall so Cole can reach the giant beer bottle. :)
After we had dinner, we all went back to our house and hung out for a bit. When I got home, I immediately got Cole ready for bed, gave him some milk and expected to put him down right away as it was already past his bed time. Well, as you will be able to tell from this video, he got a little crazy and rowdy and was pretty much bouncing off the walls! Finally around 10:00pm, I had to be the bad guy and finally call it a night. Cole was literally our entertainment for 2 hours!

Saturday was our little friend Carter's 1st birthday party. Ethan and Oni have a pool in their backyard but they also got this giant water park/slide thing and it was a big hit! Cole, who isn't a huge fan of water even loved playing in it.

It was great getting together with so many friends and letting the kiddos play. It's nice now because all of us have kids now and can all relate better to each other.
This is a picture of Cole with his friend Joseph. They are so cute together and Cole would just follow Joseph around everywhere.

My dad even got Cole to try on some Spiderman gloves...ha!

Unfortunately this week had to come to and end and my parents are having to go back to Colorado tonight, boohoo!! Besides the unbearable heat and not being able to be outside too much, we really did have a great week. One thing that really cracked me up this week is that for the past 1.5 years, we have always referred to my parents as "Grandpa and Grammy". However, while they were here, Cole kind of changed their names to "Papa and Meme". How cute huh? I think he says Papa because Grandpa is harder to say and for some reason, Meme is what he decided to call my mom. He would walk around the house saying, "Meme, Meme....Papa, Papa". So precious!
I start my teacher inservice this week and then the kids come back the following week. Again, I'm super excited that I will only be teaching 4 hours a day so Cole and I can hang out in the afternoons. I think we will start the Mommy and Me swim classes with Cindy but those will only be once a week.
Oh Summer....where did you go!?!


tracyseeman said...

I loved your blogs and log of your summer! I am sorry it went so fast. It was great that it could end with Papa and Grammy good to see them! It makes me sad they had to leave too :( Enjoy the coming school year spending more time with Cole; you are truly the best mom I know! Your MIL

The Bare Crew said...

HA .. that video made our day. The kids were all laughing so hard I think we were all crying!!

Give him kisses for us!!

Joe, Jenn, and Nathan said...

so jealous of you getting to work part time!!! nathan started calling my mom mimi, too even though she was grammy! my dad is papa, but he has always been funny!