Monday, July 26, 2010

Our sweet pups

It's so funny how before we had a child, all the pictures in our camera and phones consisted of pictures of Benson and Roxy. I always feel so bad that the dogs don't get as much attention as they used to BC (before Cole). They have been such troopers in the last year and a half, treating Cole so great and being like a second babysitter. I love when Cole is in his room taking naps, most of the time Benson is laying outside his room, keeping an eye out for me...ha! Then, when Cole wakes up or starts crying, Benson runs straight to me and then runs back to his room to let me know he's up. Ok, so Benson is like babysitter #2....Roxy...her whole mentality is...."whatever". She is the most easy going dog and will let Cole do just about anything to her. I think she deep down loves all the attention he gives her, even if it's riding her like a horse! :)
This morning it was so cute, I got Cole in the car to take to the sitter and I let the dogs ride along with us. Cole loved it, but he didn't love it when I went to get him out of the car because he had to say bye bye to the puppies. I think he wanted the puppies to come inside with him. :) So my kid who usually runs up to Andy and Teresa's door with excitement, had a total meltdown after we got out of the car. oops!

The rest of our weekend was fun and eventful. Sunday afternoon we went and met up with a bunch of college friends. My good friend and college roommate Amy was in town for a wedding so we got some of our college buddies together and had lunch. Almost 3 hours later we said our goodbyes. We didn't realize it was that long of a meal, but we all had a great time catching up. Nick and I were both surprised that Cole did as well as he did! Usually after 30 minutes or so, he's ready to get down and go. He was pretty entertained and had a great time. It sure was great seeing old friends!

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The Volks said...

HA! I love how Roxy just lays there. It's almost like she's sad when Cole gets up. Funny puppy.