Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday and a few randoms

Texas is getting to be HOTTTTT!!! I really couldn't complain the first part of the summer because it was abnormally warm, not hot. Well, summer is in full blast now and I don't like it! Kids need to be outside, kids can't be outside in this kind of weather! Even at 9pm, it's still unbearably hot. Ok ok, enough complaining.....
What do you do when it's hot outside?? Yep, we get snocones!!! Casey and I were so bummed that our snocone lady across the street is no longer there so we had to find somewhere else. I'm telling you, those snocone places bank during summer time!! Casey and I took the kiddos and this was Cole's first experience with snocones. At first he wasn't so sure about how cold it was, but he quickly realized the goodness of it. I have always gotten Tiger's Blood, hoping that Cole could just share with me and sure enough, he loved it!
I was so impressed that he didn't even make a complete mess. He ate most of it, only giving me a few bites here and there....oh well, I probably had more fun watching him eat it!
He loves Lexie!!

Random....earlier in the day when I went to pick up Cole from Andy and Teresa's, they had his hair freshly brushed and looking so cute. But wait....I sat there a minute and thought there was a striking resemblence of a really famous kid right now.

What do you think....doesn't his hair look a lot like Justin Bieber?? The sad thing though, I can't stand Justin Bieber's hair....meaning, Cole needs another haircut!
But, when you have such a precious face like this, who cares really?!?
Last random.....ever since we were at my parents house earlier in the summer, Cole has refused to sit in high chairs. I have no idea why or why just all of a sudden he didn't like them, but it makes it kind of difficult when we go out to eat now. At home we just have a booster seat basically, with a tray, but anytime he sees those wooden ones at restaurants, he throws a fit. So, we've decided to try regular booster seats.
This is him with his first booster seat experience. He did pretty good, only had one close call, but otherwise it was a success!
Ugh, since when do kids grow up so fast?


tracyseeman said...

So much cuter than Justin Bieber! :)

The May Family said...

This is our issue with Gabriel and now he will NEVER sit in highchairs. It stinks sometimes when they don't have boosters. We always need a booth now when there is one available.