Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where's Max?

We have been dog-sitting for Tracy's dog Max. Although, it doesn't really feel like dog sitting because he's like one of our own. The dogs all get along so well and he's so easy to have around! Cole especially loves Max because Max will actually sit still long enough for Cole to love up on. Cole loves to give him hugs. Yesterday Cole and I were headed to our pool and I was putting his shoes on and I was trying to find Max, so I yell..."Max". Cole thought that was funny and now Cole walks around the house saying, "Maaa....Maaa". He doesn't quite have the "x" down, but it's pretty funny anyway.
This video is of Cole trying to find Max. Please don't pay attention to the toilet flusing...Thanks Nick :)

We are having a pretty fun weekend so far! Yesterday Cole and I went to the pool with Casey and Lexie and I was so excited because Cole actually liked being there! He usually cries and holds on to me with a death grip, but he was actually having fun! He even swam for me a little bit. Cindy (swim instructor) said that the more time he has in the pool, the better. I think he's getting used to it more and more because he would swim back and forth, and float on his back. Good job Cole! Last night after Nick got home from work, we went with the Holler's to our other neighbors restaurant in Little Elm. They are from New Orleans and opened up a New Orleans style restaurant and it's always BUSY! I'm so happy for them because I know it can be tough having a restaurant right now but they are doing so well! They have even been approached about expanding. If anyone ever ends up in Little Elm, you have to go to The Waters Edge's Gooooood!!!
This morning, Nick, Cole and I went back to the pool because we knew it was going to be HOT today and wanted to get there before the water got too warm. Yesterday afternoon the water felt like bath water...yuck! It was nice because we were the only ones there and we had a blast!
This afternoon, I am going to a baby shower, then we are headed to Ft. Worth to see some friends and meet their baby Ella....AND we get to go to Joe T. Garcia's for dinner! YUM!!

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