Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Granddad!

This weekend was Granddad's birthday celebration. Since Friday was his real birthday, we went and had dinner with them and hung out for a bit that night. Sunday night, Tracy and Dennis had us all over for a nice meal to celebrate with some other friends. We all had a great time and even though Cole was dealing with a BAD case of diaper rash (which I'll get into in a minute), he still had fun being crazy!

Here is Cole hanging out with Granddad....not quite sure about how we feel about that pink bear he is holding, hmmm. :)
Cole loves to be held by Granddad, probably because he's waaaay up in the air! :) Especially when he gets to ride on his shoulders!
Cool Dudes!
Cole loves hanging out in Dennis and Tracy's office, mostly because their computer is in there. Cole will climb up to their desk, grab a hold of the mouse and act like he knows what he's doing. I'll even walk in there and catch him on a business call which is obviously super important! I think while we were at their house for a few hours, he hoarded about 5 cell phones and walked around with them. :)This video is hilarious!!! Like I said before, Cole LOVES cell phones and he loves it when they ring. He was doing the funniest thing last night when the phone would ring, like he was so shocked or something. Watch his face, it's hysterical!!!

Dennis and Tracy also have an old rocking chair that is perfect size for Cole. He loves getting on it and rocking.
So back to this diaper rash thing....On Friday, Cole started having some #2 issues. He was acting totally fine, but kept having problems down there :( I'm thinking it was maybe some teeth coming in because he never seemed bothered by it. Anyway, a couple mornings during the weekend, I'd go get him out of bed and he had crazy amounts of #2 so I'm sure he sat in it for quite awhile, giving him diaper rash. Yesterday was pretty bad, he couldn't even walk! He would just stand there and cry if he tried to move. Nick and I did everything we could think of. He basically walked around without any pants on all day so he could air out because I read that that is the quickest way to get rid of it. When we did have to put a diaper on him, I used cloth and then changed him about every hour and used lots of Butt Paste!
This is what he looked like most of the day without pants on....ha!
This video shows just how uncomfortable it was for him to walk. Poor guy, he was walking like he had just been riding a horse for a few hours.

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