Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week 2 of Swim Lessons

Cole is on his 2nd week of swim lessons and is doing pretty good. He has a hard time wanting to stay on his back to float, but Cindy says that's pretty common with this age. We are also working on getting his arms out when he floats because as you will see in the video he wants to put his hands up by his mouth for some reason.
We have also realized with a couple other kids that are doing lessons that when the mommy's take their kids to swim lessons, they cry a lot more. When the daddy's take them, they don't cry nearly as much and are much more calm. I find that very interesting....I wonder how Cole would do if someone other than mom took him to lessons...hmmm.

As soon as he gets out of the water, he is happy as a clam, especially since he gets a sucker! I'm not quite sure how I feel about him having suckers because I'm afraid he'll choke on them, but he thinks he's pretty cool stuff when he has one! I usually don't let him have it unless I'm right there with him so I typically take it away when we get in the car, but I had to get some cute pictures of him with his sucker first.
This afternoon I made a trip to Toys R Us with the intentions of buying this little drawing desk for Cole. I had a couple coupons so I would have gotten it pretty reasonable.

When I got there, they didn't have any at the store. The nice guy that worked there told me that will all my coupons, I could basically get this bigger more expensive one for the same price. So, that's what I did! This one is quite a bit bigger and I think a little too big for him now, but I think he'll eventually love it!
I love finding great deals :) Now I just need to stock it with crayons and other crafty things.

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