Saturday, July 24, 2010

The last few days

We haven't had too many exciting things going on the last few days. Here are some pictures that will show just how we have spent them.
The other day, I really needed to run to the store, but I had just put Cole down for a nap. I knew Casey and Lexie were home, so I just took our video monitor over to their house and asked them to keep an eye on it for a few minutes. Now, I know this isn't "Mother of the Year" material, but I figure there are worse things I could do! :)
Well, I literally was gone 2 minutes and I got a text message from Casey that says.....
"Look who ended up at our back door"
with this picture attached
How cute are Lexie and Max?? I left the dogs outside while I ran out and somehow Max ended up next door wanting to play with Lexie! :)
These next few pictures really have no story attached with them....I just realized what a dorky outfit I put my child in. He still had a little bit of diaper rash yet, so we were wearing cloth diapers for awhile. He didn't want to wear pants so I put his moccasins on so his feat wouldn't get cold.

I've said it before, that Cole isn't a huge fan of sweets, he'd much rather have a spinach salad over ice cream! BUT...I have found that he loves rice crispy treats.
Poor Roxy, she is just torturing herself sitting there waiting for some of it to drop.
Cole is pretty good at sharing and he wanted to share his treat with Roxy, but I kept having to say "no no Cole". So sweet!
Friday night, Nick and I went on a much needed date night with some friends. We went to The Melting Pot, our favorite!!! We had so much fun being with friends and eating ther for over 3 hours! Blake and Emily were nice enough to come babysit for Cole and it sounds like Cole sure hammed it up for them!
Today, Nick played some golf with a buddy and Cole and I were lazy around the house today. Cole took a 3 hour nap and I took a nap myself, it was delightful!
Tonight while we were eating dinner, Cole was being pretty funny but we were also teaching him some bad habits. :)

He loves to stick his tonue out and make almost a farting noise....ha!

This video shows him practicing his new bad habits

Then after dinner, we have to wash our do you like that cheesy smile??

Cole and I also got a self-take picture tonight before this little guy!

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