Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jammie update and our weekend

Last week, Nick and I were desperate to get some answers on getting Cole to stop taking his clothes off in the middle of the night, leaving us with a wet kid and bed to clean up every morning. We got great advice and here are the results.
We tried pull-ups, but he figured out that you can tear the sides away, therefore the diaper comes off. We tried putting the diaper on backwards, he still figured that one out. So....I ordered some Escapee-Jays!! They are jammies that zip up the back. Brilliant!! Why don't they make all jammies like this!?! They were a little pricey so I only ordered one pair and when those are in the wash, we also tried out the duct tape. Duct tape worked, my friends!! Just a small strip over the front and the diaper stayed put. So now we have a couple options to keep us dry during the night. Finally!
Here is a picture of what his new jammies look like from the back

Now onto our weekend. First off, the weather that we have been having over the last week or so......uh yes please!!!!! I mean, mid 70's!!! It has been absolutely perfect! If only it could be like this year-round. I hope you all are enjoying my optimism right now, because come July and August, this blog is going to become one giant complaint-fest!
Anyway....Friday night Nick was funally able to go see and hold baby Kaylee. Since he had been getting over the flu he stayed away from Ryan and Casey's house for awhile but by Friday he was definitely ready to go see her. Guys are funny....after about 5 minutes of holding her, Nick was complaining that his arm was sore, ha! So I "had" to take over for him. :)
Kinda some sad news for us....Ryan and Casey are going to be moving to Fairfield (90 miles south of Dallas) in a couple weeks for Ryan's new job. We all new this day would be coming, but I'm definitely not excited that it's coming so soon! :( I'm obviously sad for me and Nick because they have become such awesome friends but I'm also extremely sad for Cole because Lexie is like his big sister. They are definitely going to be missed....but enough about that before I start crying :(
Saturday morning, I caught Nick and Cole snuggling on Cole's nap mat. Cole got this new nap mat for his birthday and he loves laying on it while watching movies. Nick decided to lay on it with him. However, I did have to remind them that there was a big king-sized bed 3 steps away from where they were laying on the floor....but whatever, they look comfortable, right??

 Saturday night we met up for a "family play date" with some friends. Beau and Stacey have introduced us to some of her mom-group families and it's been so fun getting the kids together to play and also have some adult time. We had a great time and can't wait for the next one! One of the girls, Kelly, started up a book club through their mom's group and even though I'm not in the group, she invited me to join her book club. I was so excited because I've always wanted to get involved with something like that, so I'm pretty excited!

Sunday after church and naps, I dragged Nick and Cole with me to an outdoor mall. Again, the weather couldn't have been nicer so the outdoor mall was calling my name. We went late afternoon, did a little shopping (by little, we went into one store....ha!), then just hung out and watched Cole play. Nick's parents also met us up there to have an early dinner with us. At the mall there is a little stream of water and these duck statues. Cole was hilarious, first trying to ride the giant duck.....

Then trying to give the giant duck some of his juice

And then giving the giant duck hugs and kisses. Isn't he sweet!

 Since I'm having to be on a special diet the rest of the pregnancy, we went to Village Burgar Bar. I'm sure you are wondering how a burger fits into my diet, but trust me, it does! I basically have to have the right amount of carbs and protein in each meal so it works great. However, the giant basket of sweet potato fries that Nick and I usually share....I had to stay away from those, so sad! It really hasn't been too bad eating these certain foods. I never really feel hungry, but I sure do miss splurging with some sweets! My 4 boxes of girl scout cookies couldn't have come at a worse time! So, I stuck them in the freezer until I can enjoy them in a couple months.
It has been nice not seeing the scale go up, up, up!!! From my last appointment 4 weeks ago, I think I've actually dropped a few pounds. My goal is to not weigh more than my husband by the time I deliver this baby...haha!!!

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tracyseeman said...

Love those pjs! He looks like he belongs in baby jail with those :) My goal is to not weigh as much as your husband at the end of your pregnancy too...