Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ooohhh...the last few days

Before I get into our major cabin fever....let me start with this past Monday. Cole had his 2 year doctors appointment. It's so funny because he hasn't gained any weight in over a year! Here are his stats:
Weight: 30lb - 70 percentile
Height: 35.5 in - 74 percentile
Head: 20in - 94 percentile
So basically....our kid has a big head! :)

Everything else was great, he didn't get any shots so that was nice! She said we could do a polio shot, but currently there are no cases of polio in the U.S. There were over 400 cases in Russia so unless we were traveling to Russia, I think we are ok with that. She also said that if they did find a case in the U.S that we would just come in and get the shot...easy as that. Other than that, she was very pleased with what a fine young lad he was turning out to be :) hehe. AND, we don't have to go back in till he's 3!! onto our oh-so-fun last few days, stuck inside. You have to understand, whenever the news talks about there possibly being an "Arctic Blast" in the DFW area, typically you kinda chuckle and brush it off....these Texans just don't know how to handle a little winter weather. So, did I go to the store to get food? No. Did I rent movies in case we were stuck inside? No. Basically I did nothing to prepare for the last few days. I wish I could say that we were "snowed in" but it's actually iced in. I've never seen anything like it, literally everything has been shut down for 3 days. Nick has even been working from home and that hardly ever happens. There has been ice everywhere, about 3 inches thick. Yesterday was Nick's birthday and I had plans to make him a nice dinner but of course he wouldn't let me drive. say we are getting cabin fever is an understatement!!!!
Yesterday, we were having controlled power outages, cutting our power for about 20 minutes here and there throughout the day. So, this is what our breakfast looked like yesterday morning...brrr!!!

Sadly, we had the bright idea to get our dogs groomed last weekend and they cut them a bit shorter than I'd like so the poor dogs have been freezing!!! Poor Benson has just been shaking and when he goes outside he won't go within a 3 feet of the door. When they are inside they are always finding pillows and blankets to cozy up to.

Who knows if we will have school tomorrow....this ice is just not melting!!! Plus, we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow morning. I bet this stuff doesn't melt till Saturday because that's the first day the sun is supposed to come out.

Luckily we were able to go play next door for awhile...but we are all itching to do something. And have I been motivated to do any cleaning since we've been cooped up?? Um no!!! We've just been playing a lot of Cole's new Wii dance game, playdough, more dancing, eating...and a few movies here and there. I never thought I'd say I'm ready to go back to work, but boy am I!!!

This weekend will be great, we have family coming into town for the super bowl and some fun things planned and we will for sure be ready to get out of the house!

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