Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby update and THE cookie

Last week I went in for my regular monthly baby check-up. First, no weight gain which is great and because they are having to keep an eye on me because my slightly high glucose levels, they went ahead and did a sonogram just to make sure I didn't have excess fluids and that I didn't have a gigantic baby forming. :)
My doctor is the type that unless there is a huge need, he won't do sonograms. With Cole, I had my initial 8 week sonogram just to make sure the little blueberry was in there and then another at 20 weeks to find out the gender. I don't believe I had another one the entire time. Since that was my first pregnancy I didn't know any better but towards the end of my pregnancy I got a little nervous because none of us really had any clue how big this baby was going to be. All turned out swell and he was the perfect size.
However, since they have to keep a close eye on the size of this baby he will be doing more sonograms throughout the rest of the pregnancy AND, instead of going in monthly, I have to go in every 2 weeks now. Usually he won't make women go in every 2 weeks till they are in the last month or so....but I'm special.....booooo....this is when I DON'T want to be special!
At my last appointment, we did the sono and everything looked great! Baby is about 3lbs and in the 60-ish% which is totally normal. My fluid levels were great so he had no worries. He just really stressed that I HAVE to keep my blood sugar levels low, which I have. I haven't had any troubles with keeping them low as long as I follow my food plan...with an occassional cookie here and there :) Yesterday, Nick got to experience the "don't ever take a cookie away from a pregnant chick" dilema....after lunch I decided I wanted ONE girl scout cookie so I went into the freezer and got one. Nick came in from outside, saw the cookie on the counter with a bite taken out of it and took it, "nicely" yelled at me because I'm not supposed to eat that stuff, then decided to take it from me and eat it himself. Ok, literally, there was steam coming out of my ears at this point! Nick left, I had an emotional breakdown because I JUST WANTED TO EAT THE DUMB COOKIE (and yes tears were involved) and Nick received the silent treatment for a couple hours after that. He's a great husband and just looking out for me, but I know my limits.....and Nick, I may have to pound on you a little bit next time you do that! :)

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