Monday, March 7, 2011

Mama-Son weekend

Cole and I got to have a little weekend to ourselves, well, one night at least. Saturday morning started off with me sending Nick out at 4:00am to try to get Cole registered in a Mother's Day Out program at a local church. We knew it would be very competitive to get him into it but I was determined because I really didn't have a plan B if this didn't work out. I know a lot of Mother's Day Out programs are hard to get into, but I guess this church is particularily hard...I don't know if it's because it's Chuck Swindoll's church or that it just has a great program or what but Nick informed me that some of these parents are pretty crazy! Apparently some parents were camped out starting around noon the day before, that's intense! The actual registration started at 8am, so we thought Nick getting there at 4:30ish was just fine....AND, all worked out great! He is 2nd on the wait list but they told us that it's pretty much a guarantee he'll get a spot because they always go through a ton of people on the wait list by the end of the summer. He will start in September and go 2 days a week (Wednesday and Fridays). It works out great because our church has a mom's bible study on Tuesday mornings so that will also give him time to play with other kids at our church.
After Nick got home from the mad rush at MDO, he headed down to Waco with some buddies to go to the Baylor/UT basketball game and stay down there for the night. They had a great time and probably enjoyed the night away from their wives :)
While Nick was enjoying his night away, Cole and I got to hang out. He played with Lexie for a lot of the day since we don't have too many days left with them and then I decided that Cole and I were going to have a slumber party. Cole has never once slept in our bed and I thought it would be fun to cuddle up with him for a night. He thought it was pretty cool and was pretty excited to sleep in the big bed, however, I did realize a few things during the night: Cole talks AND giggles in his sleep! He was pretty entertaining and I know this because mom didn't get a lot of sleep, ha! So, even though it was fun to snuggle with him, that was probably a one-time deal, we all just sleep better in our own beds. However, it was kinda fun waking up to a cute boy poking me in the nose to wake up, "mama, get up". Silly guy!!

We were excited to have dad come home on Sunday! We FINALLY went to Home Depot and picked out some paint for the baby's room. With us not knowing what we are having, we actually decided to go with a very light blue so that if it's a boy, it will go with Cole's old bedding and if it's a girl then we will incorporate lots of pink and girly colors with the light blue. Nick and I were totally made for eachother, we both go into the store, stand there for about 2 minutes and decide on a color. We are not those people that take 20 swatches home and hum and ha over it for weeks. Let's just pick a color and go with it! We can't wait to see how it looks in the room! Luckily when my parents are here this next weekend, they are going to help us paint, because Nick would rather poke out his eyes with a pencil than paint :)
I'm sure we will post some pictures when we have the painting all done. It will be fun to start getting the room ready, we've totally been slacking on that. Although, it truly is hard to get a lot of things situated with you don't know the gender. Oh well, we have plenty of time and it's not like the baby will be sleeping in that room for awhile anyway! That will give me something to do when I'm stuck in the house during our dreaded summers here :)

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The Volks said...

We're totally the "get 20 swatches and hum over it for weeks" type of people...well at least Ryan is! HA Fun that you picked a color, maybe getting the room together will start making it feel more real and make the time pass a little faster.