Thursday, March 17, 2011

The past week and our last mini-vacation

I am on Spring Break right now and we are having great weather here so I couldn't ask for more! Last week we were getting ready for my mom and dad to come stay at our house so they could watch Cole while Nick and I enjoyed a mini-vacation.
But first, I have to share this picture that our sitter Ms. Jenn sent me last week while I was at school. This is a typical Cole move right here....she got out the shaving cream and let the kids make a big mess with their little pile. If you notice, Cole's pile is not even messed up or played with! He is totally his father's son! Nick did not like to be messy when he was little and I guess Cole is taking after him in that aspect. Jenn said that he took his little truck on and off the pile of shaving cream, but never got his hands dirty. What a goof!

Saturday morning, Nick and I headed down to San Antonio for 3 nights with our friends the Bell's. They are some great friends from college and we absolutely love spending time with them. We are so blessed to have great friends like them! The drive down there was kinda miserable because a typical 5-hour drive took us over 6 because traffic was terrible!
Once we got there we had a great time! We stayed right by the Alamo so we were walking distance to the Riverwalk. We did lots of walking (which I paid for by the end of the night) and ate at some wonderful restaurants. We did a river tour, went to a movie, shopped, walked, walked some more and also relaxed a little bit. Here are some pictures of our weekend....

This is Sharon next to a replica of the world's tallest man. We had to get a picture of Sharon with him because Sharon is a whole 5 ft tall so the contrast is pretty funny!

One of our favorite places to go to on the Riverwalk is Durty Nelly's. It's an Irish Pub and so fun with all the singing and crazy people. Of course Chris had to get a green beer since it was almost St. Patty's day!

One of the days we walked around the mall a little bit and Chris and Nick found some great shirts at Macy's for $5 each! Normally Nick would NEVER pick out a shirt like this but with some convincing from his wife and friends, he bit the bullet and purchased this crazy purple shirt. He got a lot of compliments on it and I think he looks like a stud in it! :)

While we were down south, my parents sent us a couple pictures of what they had been up to with Cole. One of the first things on the agenda was to get him a haircut. My mom gave him....probably haircut #54 and as usual, it turned out great!!
Here is a picture of the new haircut...they were on their way into church.

After church they took Cole to the Original Pancake House and they said Cole LOVED the blueberry waffles they got him. :)
Nick and I drove back to DFW on Tuesday and we were definitely ready to get back to see our little guy. Luckily our drive back was much smoother than the way down so it didn't take us as long to get back. My dad had to fly back to Colorado the day before we got back but my mom was still around for the day when we returned. While we were gone, my parents painted the baby's room and it turned out great! I will post pictures when we get the room mostly set up. We knew that after that room got painted that we would have to switch the furniture so while my mom was still here, Nick and my mom switched Cole's furniture out and Cole is now officially in a queen-sized bed! ha!!! We laughed so hard the first night he slept in the bed because he was so itty bitty in that big bed!
Here is a picture of him on the monitor, can you see that tiny little body in that gigantic bed?

Here is another picture of him sleeping in the bed for the first night. He did great, as expected, and still has not gotten out of his bed till morning.

Wednesday morning, Cole and I took my mom to the airport and then we headed over to Pump it Up Jr. for a little playdate. I have a couple girlfriends that are involved in a mom's group here in our area and all the kids were born in 2009 so it's great to get involved in a group with the same aged kids!

Here are some pictures of Cole, he had a blast and I literally had to drag him out of the place :)

Like I said, I just joined this new mom's group and I'm so excited because it will give us a lot of things to do this summer. They also do mom's night out and last night they did a bunco night at a wine bar that is literally down the street from our house so it was nice to be so close to home for a change. It was so much fun and I got to meet some great girls! I even walked away with $50 because I got the most bunco's! Pretty good deal!

Today we are going to a St. Patty's Day playdate at a park nearby so we are definitely keeping busy during our spring break. This week is definitely going too fast, before I know it we'll be back at school....booo!! :)

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The Volks said...

Glad you had fun on your mini trip! Love the pict of Cole being clean. According to grandma Volk his Uncle Ryan used to be like that too!