Monday, March 7, 2011

30 Weeks

 I feel like my belly hasn't gotten much bigger in the last few weeks, guess that's ok, right!?! :)

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 30 Weeks
Size of Baby: Almost 16 inches long and a little over 3lbs.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 14lbs. Yay, haven't gained any weight in about 6 weeks.
Maternity Clothes: All pants and dresses are maternity now. Still wearing some regular shirts if they are long enough.
Gender: Still a surprise!!!! I go back and forth all the time on this. Some days I feel boy and some days I feel girl. Can't wait to find out!
Movement: Lots and lots!! There have been instances where I have to stand up and bend over to the side a bit because I constantly have either a foot or elbow digging into my left side. Sometimes very painful! I said last time that luckily I don't feel a lot of movement at night....yeah, not the case anymore. I've had a few sleepless nights because of the constant rumbling in my tummy. Everyone says you are supposed to sleep on your left side when you are pregnant, but literally it is SO uncomfortable to sleep on that side because of that constant jabbing on the left side.
Sleep: If I'm not kept awake from all the movements, I actually am sleeping great! Nick still uses the rolling pin on my legs every once in awhile and that helps a ton!!
What I miss: Being able to splurge and go have a milkshake or something. You know how when you can't have something, you want it even more!! I have always been a pretty healthy eater but would splurge and have yummy desserts or something every once in awhile so it's so hard to not fix that craving with a Shamrock milkshake or Banana Pudding milkshake.
Shamrock milkshake, Banana Pudding milkshake or any ice cream for that matter.
Symptoms: Feeling good, starting to get a bit uncomfortable when I walk, literally I feel like my insides are going to break. I was the same way with Cole, but not till about 35 weeks or so...I have a long 2 months ahead of me! Also been having crazy dreams....let's see, last night it was that a cougar was chasing me, but I was faster so he never got me :) ha!
Best Moment of the week: My parents are coming into town on Thursday to watch Cole while Nick and I go to San Antonio with some friends. We are so excited because this will be the last time I can travel before baby comes. Can't wait to spend a weekend with the hubs and some great friends! Again, it would be SO much more fun if I was free to eat whatever I wanted...boohoo!! :)

Wow, can you tell food is on my mind lately?? haha! Usually food isn't a huge issue for me but like I said, when you can't have it, you want it that much more! Nick has been enjoying our diet lately because he gets lots of meat, something he didn't get to experience when I was pregnant with Cole (I hated meat while pregnant with him). I do need to start coming up with more recipe ideas because I'm getting sick of the typical chicken, rice/potatoes, vegetable dinner.

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