Monday, March 21, 2011

Can I complain? Just for a minute??

Ok, obviously I love my family more than anything, but if I could kick them out, just for a night....I would!! That includes the dogs!!!
Let me take you back to last night. Nick went to a concert with some buddies in downtown Dallas, so I was home alone with Cole and the dogs. No big deal! After I got Cole to bed I had plans to sit and read my book because I have book club on Thursday and still have 100 pages to read! Yikes! Well, Benson starts pacing around the house and I knew he was up to something. Next thing I know, he's in the hallway throwing up. Now let me tell you, Benson JUST ate dinner about 2 minutes prior to this, so you can image what the consistency of this throw up was like. To make it worse, he did it right in the corner of the hallway so it got between the wall and carpet (yes, that is possible) and I'm having to dig it out with my fingers. Now, I know you all know how throw up is one of my biggest fears so you can imagine how I felt about this. I even contemplated leaving it for Nick to deal with when he got home! the carpet all cleaned up and I go to bed around 10:00, read my book awhile longer but can't fall asleep till about 11:00.
I knew Nick would be home late, but when I woke up at 1:30 and Nick was still not home, I start to worry and can't go back to sleep. He finally gets home, gets into bed and minutes later, I cannot ignore all the snoring going on underneath our bed (Roxy). My husband may or may not have also been a part of all that noise making, but I'm a good wife and would never tell on my husband like that! :)
So I get the idea to go in and sleep with Cole. Since we just moved him to a queen bed AND that matress is the most comfortable in the house, I thought, why not!?! I go lay down and after laying there awhile I realize it smells like pee. I feel over on Cole's side of the bed and it's soaked, he's soaked, everything is soaked! (note to self, no more juice before bed). This is about 3:00am and I decide to carefully take off Cole's pj's, change his diaper and then take him into our bed. He stayed asleep until I layed him down in our bed, now he's awake! So the next 2 hours consist of me getting kicked, Cole practically laying on top of me, crawling all over, wanting more juice and playing with my hair. At that point, he wanted off the bed and wanted to watch Toy Story. Again, this is about 5:00am at this point. We went out to the family room, put Toy Story on and he layed on his chair and finally fell asleep.....

But soon as he falls asleep, my alarm is going off for me to get up!!! Time to get ready for the day.

 This is how I left Cole this morning, at least Nick was nice enough to take him into Jennifer's for me so he could sleep awhile.

I'm pretty sure I will be napping right along with Cole this afternoon and going to bed at 8:00pm. Not a great way to start the week, but it's a good thing I think my family is cute because at 3:00am, I was ready to trade them all in :)

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