Friday, March 18, 2011

New bedroom and new paint

Like I said before, a few days ago we switched out the furniture between the kids rooms and I wanted to post some pictures of our progress.
Here is Cole's new (well not really new) BIG bed. His room is not that big to begin with, so putting a queen bed in the room definitely made things a bit squished! He also isn't liking going to bed like he did in his toddler bed. I mean, I still can't complain but instead of running to his bed and willingly getting in, he now fights a little bit and will cry for about 30 seconds :(
A lot of people ask my why we are putting him in such a big bed, but with my family visiting often and us having house guests, we needed to make sure we have a bed for visitors to sleep in. For some reason I can't imagine my tall brother and sister-in-law wanting to share a twin bed, ha!

Another view....

As I mentioned, my parents were busy painting the other bedroom while they were here last weekend. I know, we are mean and put them to work when they fly all the way down here to babysit, BUT, they did offer. It didn't take much to convince Nick since he hates painting more than anything and I'd kinda prefer to not be around all the paint fumes right now. I actually really like to paint but like I said, paint fumes plus climbing ladders....probably not the best idea right now! :)
Our house is pretty much all warm colors and I wanted to go with a cool color for once so that's why we decided on light blue. The blue will go with the bedding that we had for Cole and then if it's a girl we will pull in lots of pinks! :)
So sorry I can't give you a full-out new baby room tour but until the kid is born, we have no idea what to do with the room.

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