Friday, February 11, 2011

The past week

 I've been slacking on the blogging lately, so I will fill you in on what's been going on with us this past week. After our 4 days of being couped up in the house from our snow/ice days we were definitely ready for a change of pace! Nick had no idea that we all had planned a surprise 30th birthday get together for him. We had some family in town for the super bowl and he thought we were just getting together with them for dinner. So, when all of our close family and friends were there to yell "surprise" he was pretty shocked!
This was my first ever surprise party that I had to plan and I was pretty nervous about it, especially with the weather we had been having. BUT, everyone was definitely ready to get out of their houses by Saturday so we had a great turnout.
Here are the guys enjoying a beverage with the birthday boy...cheers!

We are so thankful for such great family and friends, I know Nick had a great time!!! We even stayed out till about 1am and that is LATE for me! Whenever I would tell Nick that we should think about leaving, he would walk away and avoid me...haha!!! I could tell he was having fun and didn't want to leave. So, we were the last ones to leave :) Oh well, I'm just glad he had fun on his birthday. Thanks to everyone who helped out and came was a blast!
Sunday we hung out and watched the Super Bowl at our house. Nick's dad was lucky enough that he got to go to the super bowl to watch his packers, so the rest of Nick's family came over to watch it with us. We also got to help Emily celebrate her 26th birthday that day!!! :)

I took this picture (sorry it was from my phone so horrible quality) because whenever Blake comes to our house, Cole LOVES playing with him. He was all about Blake Sunday night. So after Cole got his bath, we was running around without clothes on for awhile and next thing we know ( with some encouragement from me of course), Cole climbed up and wanted to cuddle with Blake, ha! To say Blake was a little uncomfortable with a naked toddler sitting next to him is an understatement! Poor Blake :)
 We also had ANOTHER snow day this past Wednesday so we were stuck at home once again. We played next door for awhile just for a change of scenery but other than that, we just played around the house.
I took this picture of Cole taking his nap Wednesday. I'm not sure if this is just a boy thing or what, but we got a good laugh out of it!
 On Wednesday night, Nick came home from work not feeling well. He had been battling bad sinus stuff lately but by Wednesday he had a fever and felt pretty miserable. He stayed home from work yesterday (which he NEVER does) and finally went into the doctor. They gave him a flu test and it came back positive. They put him on Tamaflu but it kinda just has to run its course.
Of course being pregnant, I knew it's super bad if I got the flu so I talked to my doctor and he wants me to take Tamaflu just as preventative. I was kinda nervous to take it with being pregnant, but I guess it's better than me being hospitalized with the flu!
I'm not sure if there was something in the Tamaflu but I took it before I went to bed and I swear I was on speed! I couldn't settle down till about 1:00am.
THEN, at 4:30 this morning I wake up to Cole crying. He never wakes up in the middle of the night so I knew something was wrong. My first thought was, "oh no, he caught the flu from Nick". I go into his room expecting to find a feverish, ill child, but what do I find instead??? A completely naked boy!! Yep, sometime during the night he had removed all his clothes, and diaper and wet himself ALL over. He was soaked and smelly and not happy. I got him as cleaned up as possible and threw him into bed with me hoping he'd fall back asleep. Nope! He sat in our bed and wanted to watch tv. However, this is what happened about 5 minutes after putting him in the car this morning.....

Not a great start to the weekend, but hopefully it gets better! We were supposed to go out with friends for a Valentines dinner tonight but obviously Nick is too sick. I may still go with them and just be the 7th wheel, ha! I feel super bad that I'm not being a better nurse to Nick and normally I would be, but it really would not be good for me to get the flu!! Flu+pregnant chicks=no bueno!!!

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