Monday, January 31, 2011


This weekend kicked off Cole's 2 year celebration!!! It sure seems strange having a 2 year old! His actual birthday was Saturday so it was fun to have his party on his actual birthday. Our friends the Bell's came in from Houston Friday evening to stay with us for the weekend. Their little girl Reagan is 1 years old and Cole's furture wife. Don't they look cute sitting together on his chair?

 It was so great having the Bell's here, they were such big helps getting everything ready for the party! AND, we are super excited because we planned a mini-vacation with them over spring break. We always love traveling with them, so it should be super fun!

Back to the party.....his party wasn't till the afternoon, so that left us most of the day to prepare. Luckily both Cole and Reagan took great naps before the party so we didn't have to worry about chasing them around while getting ready.

Once Cole woke up, he was pretty curious about all the decorations and such, so he spent some time playing with everything...even trying to put his Elmo hat on.

We had an Elmo party for him becasue he LOVES Elmo right now. Our cake lady, Rosie, made his cake again this year and it turned out great! We did carrot cake again because that's what she did last year and everyone seemed to really like it.

 We had probably 30 plus people in our house which is a little tight, but it was fun! There were lots of kids and we hope everyone had a good time. Luckily, it was SOOOOO nice out this weekend, in the 70's, so there was lots of playing going on outside which made for less clutter in our house :)

Over the past couple weeks, Cole had been practicing blowing out his candle. Anytime he'd see a candle burning, he'd "try" to blow it out. So....I knew he'd have fun blowing out his candle this year.

 He had the funniest look on his face while everyone sang to him, but he did a great job and blew out the candle all on his own!

I had to take a picture of one of my favorite gifts. Cole got this awesome hat...doesn't he look like he needs to take a trip to New Orleans??
However, the hat is a 3/4T and it's still small on him! Yikes, he really does have a big head!

Cole got a lot of great presents, our friends and family were so generous! Another gift he got was a Wii game called Just Dance for kids and it's pretty hilarious. Cole, Lexie and Reagan had fun shakin their booties after the party was over :)

But soon Cole's energy level quickly wore off. After dancing for about an hour or so, Cole climbed up in Gigi's lap and took a break.....cute huh??:)

This was such a fun weekend and are so grateful to everyone who helped us celebrate! Again, we can't believe we have a 2 year old and makes us realize how time flies!
Happy Birthday little man!!! :)

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