Saturday, January 1, 2011


The three of us flew to Colorado for a week trip to spend Christmas with my family. We were so looking forward to having some snow and taking the kids sledding. Well, we missed out on the snow and I'm pretty sure they got dumped on the day after we left...yep, great timing!
As usual, our trip went too fast be we sure had great times and made some fun memories.
Our trip started off with Cole and Cameron browsing around the house seeing what they can get into. Cameron is at such a funny age, always following Cole around, he's pretty sweet to her though so it was pretty fun to watch.

My mom also got in some bedtime cuddle time in before the kiddos had to retire to their beds. This is a whole lot of love right here!!!

This picture cracked me up. Cole slept really well while we were there, probably because there was so much activity and it wore him out. He's even using one of his monkey's as a pillow :)

Christmas Eve: Our whole family went to Christmas Eve service together at my parents church and then we came back to my parents house for dinner and presents. That is sort of our family tradition to open presents on Christmas Eve, then do Santa presents Christmas morning.
Here is our family of 3....well, 3.2 right now, ha! Next year it will be a family of 4!!!! Yikes!

After dinner and pictures the kiddos got their Christmas jammies on and we started opening presents. Cole was super excited!!! This year was so fun to watch him experience Christmas because he was actually into opening presents and understood the concept of that better than last.

Cole got so many fun presents, but here are just a couple that he got. Cousin Cameron got Cole this cute Cousin frame with the two of them in it. So precious!!!

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Rachel got him this awesome "packpack". He absolutely loves wearing backpacks and now he has one of his own that actually fits him. It even has his name on it :)

He wears it all the time now!!!

Cole also was a big help with helping everyone else with their presents...haha!! Nick and I got Cameron this fun walking toy and of course Cole had to help her check it out.

Cole and Cameron both got some books and this picture is just way too cute, both of them looking at books.

Again, Cole had to help break everyone's presents in....Cole got into a wrestling match with Uncle Ross' new yoga mat, crazy kid.

More helping out with opening others gifts :)

Christmas Morning: As I said before, we always have our stockings and santa presents to open on Christmas morning.

He loved pulling out all his goodies from his stocking. He got some fun things like a giant bouncy ball (that later TSA took away from us at airport security, jerks!), Veggie Tales and Elmo DVD's, tractors, etc. He loved it all!!!

After all our busy gift-opening activities, Cole decided to take a little swim in my parents big tub. He thought it was pretty cool! I think he stayed in it for about an hour and it took some negotiating to get him out!

Of course silly dad had to give him a mohawk......doesn't he kinda resemble a certain Denver Nuggets basketball player??? Just add a few tats on his arms and we have Birdman! :)

The morning after Christmas, my dad was determined to take Cole sledding, but again, they had zero snow. We decided to head up towards Estes Park because they had a designated sledding hill in Rocky Mountain National Forest. Sure enough they had plenty of snow!!! Luckily we were able to borrow some snow clothes from a friend, I won't show you the pink snow boots he had on though, ha!
Mom and Uncle Ross pulling Cole up the hill
Mom pulling Cole down the hill

We had a great time up in Estes. Of course I wasn't able to do any sledding, I had to stay at the bottom of the hill and just take pictures. Even the big guys were able to go down the hill a few times so I think everyone had a great time. I swear my parents have the energy of 20 year olds because I think my dad went up that hill with Cole about 15 times, I was worn out just watching him, ha!

We also were able to spend some time with some other relatives on my mom's side. My cousin Nichole has a little boy named Brady and they love spending time with eachother.

My cousin Christopher and his wife Ammone also flew in from California and it was so great seeing them. Christopher is so awesome with little kids, he's going to be such a great dad some day!!!

I was holding baby Kinsley and Cameron decided she wanted in on the action too...ha! I just love these girls, so much fun!!

My cousin Christopher brought his fun helicopter and the little boys got the biggest kick out of watching that thing fly. They would just hoot and holler when it would go up.

They even got in a little hug while watching the helicopter :)

Sadly, our trip came to an end after many activities and fun times. It's always sad leaving Colorado but it was kind of nice to be back home. This also was our very last trip of Cole flying for free (sad, not b/c he's getting so big but for our budget....ugh). We are definitely ready for him to have his own seat but our checkbooks aren't ready to have to pay for 3 flights!!! Luckily on our way back to TX, Cole slept the entire way!!! He fell asleep at takeoff and didn't wake up till we landed. I actually was able to do some reading so it was delightful!!!

However, poor Nick had to hold him the entire time because with my belly getting bigger, it's hard for us to be comfortable :)

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