Thursday, January 27, 2011

Whoa Baby!!!!

I had my doctors appointment today and also had to do my glucose test. Um, yuck!!! The last couple swigs of that drink and I really thought I might barf. Thank God it's over, and lets pray for my results to come back normal.
I had a couple freak-out moments at my doctors appointment today, one being the amount of weight I gained this month...eeek!!! I mean, it wasn't THAT much but compared to what I gained with Cole, I'm only used to a couple pounds here and there. I asked my doc and he actually said I'm right on track with where I should be it's just strange for me b/c I maybe gained 25lb total with Cole and I'm sure I'll go over that this time!
My second freak-out was when he measures the belly. He measures the size of the uterus and it's supposed to match up with the amount of weeks you are in centimeters. I'm 24 weeks.....but measured at 27!!!!!! Again, all I know what to compare it to is Cole's pregnancy and I consistently measured smaller with him, so this big stuff is all new to me. He rechecked it a couple times and he said that if I had been more than 3 cm over he would have wanted to do a sonogram to make sure I didn't have too much fluid or anything. If I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule at my next appointment, then he said he'd want to do a sonogram. I asked him if this means I will deliver early (with a big smile on my face) and he said, "um no, nice try". Bummer!!! Ah well, I'm just excited to have a healthy baby!

So now I know my gigantic-belly-ness is not necessarily in my head, because I AM measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Whew...hopefully I don't deliver a 15lb baby! :)

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coneandmo said...

When is your due date? I had my glucose test a week or so before you. :)
Try carrying two! My belly measured 10 wks ahead at one point! Ahh!