Saturday, January 8, 2011

Definitely Nick's child!

This is pretty much a daily occurrence in our house. I'm not sure if he really is interested in potty training or if he's just being a typical toddler.....
But this is how the story goes
I find a USED diaper on the floor of the office, usually with some pants close by


I then go out to the family room to find this....

Except he always tries to take his top off through the neck, and yes stretches it out, grrrr!!!

He finally gets his clothes off completely then runs to the bathroom saying, "potty potty".

Obviously I won't put pictures of him in the bathroom, because what kind of mother puts discriminating pictures of their child online? Sheesh! :)

But....he sits on the potty (still has never done anything ON the potty) then gets off, flushes and goes on with what he was doing before.

In this case, he returns to his favorite movie right now...Mary Poppins.

It is then a fight to get his clothes back on, he would just prefer to stay naked but our carpets don't like little boy dribbles. :)
How much do you think Cole is going to hate me when he's a teenager?

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The Volks said...

Hopefully by the time he's a teenager he wants to wear his pants...or that could get a little awkward for everyone! ;)