Monday, January 24, 2011

One of many graduations

 This was a very exciting weekend in our household!!! We had a couple "firsts" and everything went VERY smoothly!!
Nick and I decided that this was the weekend we would transfer Cole into his toddler bed. I have been dreading this moment for a long time but we couldn't have asked for a better experience! Saturday morning, Nick and Cole worked on the crib, taking the front off and converting it to the toddler edition :)
Cole was very curious with what dad was doing and of course had to help put it together. Some times Nick would look at me like, "can you please get him out of here so I can actually get this set up" but I had to keep reminding him that even though it may take longer to put it together, the fact that Cole wants to help out makes him feel important and like he's being a big help.

This was one of those moments where things could have gone a lot faster had I dropped the camera and gotten Cole out of Nick's way...but how cute is that??? He truly felt like the biggest help! He loved it!!

Nick then took some time to show Cole how the screws and tools worked and now Cole goes around the house with his screw driver trying to "fix" everything. :)

Once Nick and Cole were finished putting the bed together, Cole was SO excited!!! I think we finished around 10:00am and Cole immediately wanted to take a nap (even though it was 2 hours before his naptime). He would take his stool to the light switch and turn the light off, crawl into bed, cover himself up and say "night night mama, night night dad".
He played in his bed all morning, climbing in and out, putting his monkeys "night night", so we knew he was pretty excited about the whole experience.
Finally it came time for the actual nap time and Nick and I were glued to the video monitor!! We layed him in bed and he never got out once. He played for awhile, but nothing was different than if he was in the crib. We were pretty excited! Since Saturday, he has not gotten out of bed once and sleeps through the night entirely. Even when he does wake up, he sits there and won't get out of bed till we come get him. Good Job Cole!!!
Later that afternoon, we took Cole to get his first hair salon haircut. My mom has been cutting his hair since he was itty bitty, he probably had 10+ haircuts but he was in desperate need of a cut and my mom may not be able to come to his birthday so we decided to just take him somewhere. We have a kids salon pretty close to our house and it was super cute! He got to sit in the car and at first he didn't know what to think. He looked at us with these sad puppy dog eyes, quiverying lip and we almost lost him to a major breakdown but then he realized the kid next to him was playing mario kart and that kept his attention the rest of the time.
Can you see the lip sticking out, ready to lose it????

Here is the final product and I think it turned out pretty good! However, I'm not gonna lie, I think my mom does a little better job! :) Plus, she's free!!!

Cole got a balloon and a sucker and was pretty proud of himself, so it was worth the adventure I guess.
The rest of the weekend was spent purging our house and attic. We had no more room in our attic for anything, so Nick brought everything down and we threw away a TON of stuff. Now we have more room for more junk to go in the attic, ha!

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