Tuesday, January 25, 2011

24 Weeks

24 Weeks
(Beware of the torpedo!!!)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 24 weeks
Size of baby: Baby S is the length of an ear of corn, about 12 inches long and just over 1lb
Total weight gain/loss: Not quite sure this week, I go in on Thursday for an appointment so I'll find out then.
Maternity clothes: Pretty much all my clothes are maternity. I'm still wearing a lot of regular shirts if they are long enough. I'm LOVING dresses this time around!
Gender: Not sure. It's definitely hard not finding out but it will be worth it. I'm thinking boy....don't I just seem like a boy mom???
Movements: Feeling lots of movement, which is so fun! Nick felt the first movement the other day, it kinda startled him :)
Sleep: Eh, pretty good. I wake up a lot but go right back to sleep. I just get uncomfortable having to adjust between my sides.
What I miss: Still wishing I could enjoy a nice cold beer or white russian...yummm!!! Not much other than that.
Cravings: I'm so excited to say that my food aversions are 99.5% GONE!!! Halleluia!!! One thing I never thought I'd want this pregnancy that I had been craving like crazy the last couple weeks was burgers!!!
Symptoms: Still feeling WAY better than the first 3 months, but I'm still so tired all the time. I take a nap everyday when Cole and I get home and try to go to bed by 8:30...loser, I know!
Best moment of the week: I'm gonna have to say that over the past few weeks I've been able to eat anything. Nick and Cole are actually getting home-cooked meals and I love being a better wife and mom! :)

Nothing too crazy has been happening with the pregnancy lately. I have to go in for my glucose test on Thursday and NOT looking forward to that. The drink they give you is absolutely disgusting! It tastes like flat, extra sweet sunkist...and I hate orange flavored stuff! Oh well, let's just hope all turns out ok.
I was getting a little excited when I first started showing this pregnancy because it looked as thought I wasn't sporting the "torpedo" look like I did with Cole. But....I'm afraid those nice round bump days are over. I know every girl carries differently but mine just goes straight out. I guess that's better than carrying ALL around. :)
So many of my friends have been having babies lately or just about to have their baby so I'm definitely getting anxious...we can't wait!

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