Thursday, January 6, 2011

The last few presents.....

Since we were in Colorado for Christmas, we decided to have our Seeman gift opening on January 1st. Nick's parents cooked a yummy crab and steak dinner for us and we also enjoyed watching everyone....well, mostly Cole open gifts.
Cole's first gift he opened was from Uncle Blake and Aunt Emily. He is obsessed with Elmo right now so they got him this hockey pockey Elmo that sings and dances and it's pretty hilarious! He think he tried to take it to bed with him that night but it's not the type of Elmo that you want to sleep with :)

Blake opening some gifts....nice bow Blake! :)

Nick has been talking about getting Cole a basketball hoop for the longest time so we finally got him one for Christmas. When Nick was talking about it I thought it was just going to be this small hoop that he can use now.'s anything but small!!! As you can see in the picture.

Another big hit was Cole's first instrument set. Granddad and Gigi got this for him because he LOVES music and dancing. It has a drum, trumpet, tambourine and a couple other things. Cole loved carrying around the drum around his neck while playing the trumpet. He's talented! :)

He also got some of my favorite Hanna Anderson pajamas!!! Best pajamas ever!!!

Granddad and Gigi got him this really cool Christmas book where you can record your voice reading the book. Granddad reads him the story of The Night Before Christmas. How cool is that?

And of course Toy Story 3
We had a great time spending the evening with Nick's family. It's always hard with a toddler who goes to bed at 8:00 to spend TOO much time with them, so we decided to just let Cole fall asleep on Granddad and Gigi's bed. Usually Cole insists on being in his bed or some bed for that matter, but Granddad can get that kid to sleep in a matter of minutes so he laid him on their bed and he looked so cute on their big king-sized bed. Guess he better get used to it because come March/April, he's going to be sleeping in a queen sized bed!!!

Funny story....Cole's favorite thing to sleep with since he was pretty little is this monkey. He never took to a paci or blanket but definitely took to these monkey's. Now, these monkey's are exactly the same thing, identical! However, he took to one more than the other. If you will notice exhibit on the left, monkey A....look at that poor monkey's hands. All shriveled and deformed, that is because Cole would suck and bite on the hands. Monkey B is what the monkey is supposed to look like. Normally we wouldn't have a problem with this hand-sucking thing but if you got within a few yards of this monkey, you could smell the nastiness that it gave off. I would wash that monkey a couple times a week but it will constantly smell, mostly because he'd drink his milk at night, then stick the hands in his mouth...sick!!!

While Nick and I were out for our anniversary and Nick's parents stayed with him, Gigi snuck stinky-hand monkey in his closet and he hasn't asked for it since!!! Halleluia!!

He still sleeps with normal-hand monkey but doesn't chew on it like he did the other one. Let's hope it stays that way!

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tracyseeman said...

Cole and Gigi have something in common! Grandad can put me to sleep very quickly too :) Not necessarily a bad glad that he is okay without stinky hand monkey!