Monday, January 24, 2011

Me???? Crafty???

I've said it before and I'm not ashamed, that I have zero creativity! I so wish I did and I try really hard but I just don't and I'm cool with that, there are other things I am better at. However, one thing I am pretty good at is following directions :)
Soooo, I found a few great crafty ideas on different blogs and thought I'd give them a try.

First, I mentioned that Cole is now in a toddler bed. Sometime in March we are going to transition him into a queen bed so we can move the baby furniture into the baby's room. So, this means we needed to get Cole some new big boy bedding. He kinda has a sports theme going on right now and I wanted to stick with that, but didn't want full out sports bedding. I found this cute quilt at Pottery Barn and this is Cole's birthday present from the grandparents.
Isn't it cute!!

The easiest craft in the world: I had these letters above Cole's crib for a long time but they had just been painted white. I got the idea from another blog to spice them up a bit, and literally, sooooo easy! I just found some scrapbook paper and glued the letters to the paper, then used a razor blade to cut them out. How easy is that and I think they look pretty cute!

I plan on doing this for the next kiddo....if only we knew a gender OR name. Ah well!

Maybe not so easy but FUN craft #2: Ever since I have been in Texas and have seen the ridiculously sized bows that these cute little girls wear, I've always wanted to learn how to make them because you can buy them....for $10 a pop and that's just crazy to me!
Plus, I'm pretty sure I won't have any of my own girls to make these for, so I thought they would be fun to make for presents.
I finally learned how to make them and I think for my first ones they turned out pretty cute. Now I just need to learn how to be a little adventurous and try different kinds.
Plus, I made 9 of them for less than $10!!!


Stacey said...

Everything turned out great! Sooo, do you think you're going to have all boys tooooo?! ;-) I didn't realize you had a gender feeling!

Him and Her said...

cute bows, good job. I'm feeling all boys too, haha. or that's just what i'm wishing for.

The Adams said...

I SO need to hire you to make my bows!! I'm going to go broke buying them! :)