Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sad things and New things

Sad things: When your little kiddo gets their first ever flu bug!!!!
Sunday afternoon I was bragging to my girlfriends that Cole had never once had a temperature (not even from shots) or thrown up (and anyone that knows me knows that God is looking out for me because that will be ONE BAD DAY! Literally, throw up is my biggest fear EVER!)
Monday I didn't have school because of MLK day so I had plans on hanging out with Cole, going to Allen to look at some wallets, maybe going to the park because it hasn't been too cold.....but after a couple hours of cuddling in bed, I realized that maybe something isn't right. Cole never wants to stay in bed that long. So, I took his temp and it was 100. Since we just don't get this kind of sickness in our house (there I go bragging again) I just flat out didn't know what to do with a toddler with a temperature. So...I texted our wonderful babysitter because she knows everything and she told me what to do and what to look out for.
We couldn't tell if maybe he was getting his 2 yr molars or he truly had a little bug, sometimes the symptoms are all the same! We pretty much laid in bed all day, watched movies, yes Mary Poppins was on the list and by Monday late afternoon, he temp got to 102 so I gave him more tylenol, luke warm bath and by the time he went to bed I think he was fever-free. We checked him a couple times before we went to bed and still a-ok. Yay!!!
Tuesday morning I knew all was ok in our little world when 5:00am rolled around and I hear from the monitor..."MA!!!!" (like, in that total disrespectful tone, ha) Yes, my little guy was completely fine the next day, praise the Lord!!!
He still stayed home because he has to be fever-free for 24 hours but he's back at Jennifers today and acting his normal self. I'm SO glad that it didn't turn into a true flu bug because selfishly I was a little concerned about myself because flu+pregnant chick=no bueno!!!

New Things.....AKA, Terrifying things: Cole graduating to a toddler bed.
See this picture????
Hi Roxy!!!!!

Yep, that is the conversion set for Cole's crib. I'm pretty nervous about the whole transition because you hear horror stories from friends but then you also hear how it was the easiest thing ever. My whole deal is, is that it took Cole a year to sleep through the night and I just wanted to enjoy one full year of good sleep till we made the transition. So....we are here, ready for the move.
We decided we are going to do it this weekend. Set it up Saturday morning, "attempt" to get him to take a nap in it Saturday afternoon and see how it goes from there.
I think the only thing we will have to take out of his room is his book shelf because even though it's super heavy and sturdy, it's still long and tall and I wouldn't want him to climb on it and it come down on him. Eventually all the furniture in his room will be in the new baby's room anyway so we are just moving the book shelf out sooner.
Then, after he's used to the toddler bed for a couple months, we thought we would transition him into his official big boy bed which will be a queen bed. ha!!!! I can't wait to see him roll around in a big queen bed! The reason we are putting him in a queen is because my family comes to visit a lot and we have to keep a guest room.
I will definitely have updates from this weekend, oh gosh I hope it goes smoothly!
And, one more cute picture of Roxy from this morning. Poor puppies don't get on the blog anymore! Benson was still snuggled in bed when I took this so he missed out on the action....isn't she the cutest dog ever!!! :)

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