Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seasons of Change?????

This week in Dallas was COLD!!! We actually got quite a bit of snow and some schools were canceled on Monday. Luckily our district did not cancel classes because we had final exams and that would have just been annoying to make up.
We had temperatures in the 20's and here in Texas that is super cold b/c of the humidity. There was one morning we were driving into school and they said the windchill was 7!!! Brrrr!!!
I took these pictures of Cole one morning this week and I was just so jealous because he was all snuggled in there, drinking some milk and staying warm. I wish we could have lounged there all day! When Cole wakes up he always hangs out in our bed while we finish getting ready and he always looks so cozy!

Yesterday I had a meeting with a lady so while I was gone Nick and Cole were left to play at our house. We have never introduced Cole to the Wii before but I knew it was bound to happen. I've said it before that I really don't like to watch a lot of television and I really don't want my kids to be video gamers but this was pretty funny and I figure the Wii can't be as bad as some video games.

This video was from this morning....Nick taught him how to do the sword fighting, it's pretty hilarious!

So onto some change in our I said yesterday I had a meeting with a lady about a possible changes in my career :) To start out, Nick and I have really been discussing my plans for next school year. As everyone knows, I absolutely LOVE my job!!! It is absolutely the best job for a mom, especially being able to work part time. I love my school, administration and I've been there for 7 years and am kinda free to do as I please in my classroom. I've always wanted to teach at a school closer to home but am so afraid to switch schools because I have it so good at Hebron!
However, with us having baby #2, it really just wouldn't make sense for me to work part time because I'd pretty much be working to pay for childcare. Plus, Jennifer wouldn't be able to take on the baby because she already will have 2 babies next year. Ugh, and any other place would not be able to accommodate part time or give us such a great price. So, our choice was for me to either work full time or not at all. First off, I don't even know if the full time would even be available for me next year but I also didn't think I could be home full time with kids. I so admire those women that can stay at home and can entertain their children all day....God did not make me that way, ha! I have to have something that is "mine" and I really want to contribute financially. BUT, we had tentatively decided that I would try staying home next year and just try it out. If I hated it, I can always go back to teaching. So, for the past couple weeks I've been stressing about finding a Mother's Day Out program for Cole because I have to keep him in some sort of program or we both will go crazy and he absolutely loves being around kids. I've also been looking at other Mom's groups, Bible studies that I could get involved with to keep myself busy and sane. We did find a great MDO program at Chuck Swindoll's church (yay) and I can also get involved in a mom's bible study so I was super excited about that.
You may remember that this past summer, Cole took some swim lessons teaching survival skills. It is a very intense program and I absolutely loved it! So this past week I get an email from the lady that heads it up. After chatting with her this past summer she knew I was a part time teacher, swimmer and had lifeguard experience. She asked if I could meet up with her to discuss me possibly training with her and me taking on some of her clients. This was a huge change but absolutely something I would love to eventually do. It's the type of thing that once I get trained I could do this anywhere, even outside of Texas.
Unfortunately she would need me the most during May, June and July. Well, with baby #2 due mid-may that obviously won't work. So, we decided that this summer she would try to get me trained and then starting next school year I could take on a few students and then hit it hard with her the following summer! This is not all definite but I'm super excited about it but just trying to figure out all the logistics is a little who will watch the baby those couple hours this summer when I'm training, etc. We have to get stuff like that figured out but Nick and I both think that this is something that would be really good for me!
Whew....I kept saying last year that I had hit that 6-year post college "I need a change" stage and now I'm getting it!!! I will keep you posted but we first have to get through May and getting a healthy baby born :)


Stacey said...

Wonderful news!! And I will totally watch the baby for few hours here and there if you ever need me! Not sure if I'm too far out of the way but it's an option! :)

Hope this all works out - it sounds exciting!

Wendi said...

I do not like this post. Even though I hardly see you at work anymore, I object to you leaving!

The Volks said...

Awesome! Annie, that sounds so perfect. The details will work themselves out, don't worry! But the big question we get a family discount on swim classes?! :)