Monday, July 11, 2011

2 Months

Finley is 2 Months!!!

Here is some of what she has been up to:

You weigh 11lbs 12 0z and 23 inches - 76% for both
You are wearing 3 month clothes and a size 1 diaper
You still look just like your big brother and daddy
I think you are going to keep your blue eyes. They have not changed and are VERY dark blue
You have started to smile a lot more and interacting with us. You are starting to coo a lot more and make some cute noises.
You are the BEST sleeper at night! I typically give you your last feeding at 9:30 and you sleep till about 4:30. I give you another quick feed and then you'll sleep till 7:30ish. I feel so blessed to have a good night sleeper because your brother was a terrible night sleeper.
Because you sleep so well at night, your naps during the day aren't so good. Some days you may only take a few cat naps, therefore, making you one cranky baby. Buuut, that doesn't happen a whole lot, just every once in awhile.
You still are a little cranky and high maintenance from 6-9pm. You are always super tired but don't want to sleep or be put down. Your dad and I have to trade off holding you this time of night.
You still are a great eater. You have been a breeze to nurse. It usually only takes you about 15 min to eat. Your feedings are still a little inconsistent. Sometimes going only 2 hours in between and sometimes 3. Typically you eat every 2.5 hours.
You had your first airplane ride to North Dakota and did fabulous, you slept the entire time.
I decided after 8 weeks of trying to get you to take a pacifier and you not being too interested, that maybe I'd give up as you don't seem to need it. However, you do munch on your hands and fingers a lot when you are hungry, I just hope that doesn't turn into thumb sucking!
You still are sleeping in mom and dad's bedroom but I think we are going to have you sleep in your own crib starting this week. I always told myself that once my babies sleep good during the night that we would transition into their own room. Well, you've been doing that for several weeks and I think it's about time now. It is kinda sad though!
We went to your 2 month appt this morning and doctor said you were perfect. You did not get any shots because he says that since I'm breast feeding and staying home with you that he prefers to not do any vaccines till at least 6 months. I'm ok with that!!

Finley, so far you have been such a great baby! I don't know what we did to deserve such a great sleeper and sweet baby...maybe it was the year of getting up with your brother every 3 hours, ha! We can't believe you've been with us for 2 months already, time sure does fly!

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