Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some new stuff and our weekend

We've had a pretty low-key weekend, Friday night we went and met up with Nick's family because they all just came into town and we had dinner. While Gigi was away she got Cole some new toys. He wasn't too sure about this pig at first but once he realized that it snored and made some funny noises, he got pretty excited!

Friday night was also Finley's first night in her own room and bed. I have been ready for her to go into her own room so Nick and I could have our room back to ourselves. No more having to wander around in the dark trying to get ready for bed or having to tiptoe around in the mornings. Of course I liked having her close to us but it was time for her to move out :)
As ready as we were, I still was a little sad the first couple nights. Never again will we have a newborn baby sleep in our room with us. Well, never say never....but as of now we are perfectly happy with our family of 4!!
Here is little Finley her first night in her bed. The picture is from the video monitor, so this is what we see when she is in her bed. Close enough so I can see if she's breathing in the middle of the night, ha!
She has been doing great in her bed so far. We've been putting her down around 9pm, she sleeps till about 5:00am, I feed her and change her because she usually wakes up soaked through :( After a quick feed she is back to bed till close to 9:00am. This morning I had to wake her at 8:30 because we had to go to church. I sure am loving this good sleeper that we have on our hands!!

I've also talked about how I semi-tried to get her to take a pacifier for 8 weeks and she never seemed to interested so I decided to give up. But lately, she has just been going to town on her hands, she can't get them in far I thought I'd try a different kind of paci and I introduced her to Freddy the Brown Teddy (named by Aunt Rachel and Cameron). She seems to really like this paci so we will see if it sticks. Again, I was TOTALLY fine with her not taking a paci because that was one less thing we have to break her from but she wouldn't leave her hands alone and it really does come in handy while out in public.
Saturday we met up with some great friends for dinner. Katy and I have been friends since college and lived together after we graduated. When she got married and Nick and I got married I remember we'd sit around eating dinner together, just the 4 of us....we had to laugh last night at dinner because they have 2 young girls, plus our 2....definitely makes for different dynamics! We sure had fun though, always great to see the Fishers!!

Today we just went to church, had some friends over for lunch and watch some soccer. Nick and I have been so excited about the Women's World Cup so it was definitely a bummer to see how it ended today but I guess if we are going to lose, I'd rather lose to Japan, with everything they have been through this year.
We are now gearing up for another week, we are super excited to have my mom and brother come into town. Cole is going to be so excited to see Mimi and Uncle Ross!!

I'll leave you with a few faces of Finley. We sure are seeing a fun personality in this girl and love seeing all the faces she makes.
You like the double chin??
Big smiles for dad!

Also, here is the latest video of Finley. Nothing too exciting because it's night time and she's not the happiest baby this time of night, but she's still cute :) Also, her sneezes are the cutest thing ever!!

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Stacey said...

LOVE Finley's expressions! And if you are done having babies, then DIBS on buying that nap nanny from you!! ;-)