Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thursday morning, my kiddos were all snug tightly in mom and dad's bed. How cute are they?!? Then it was so funny b/c next thing I know, Finley fell asleep sitting up like she is in the picture.
I just had to show this picture, I feel like she is turning into such a big girl! She was watching the Twins play. Nick is going to force her to be a Twins fan, I guess. :)
Thursday mid-morning, we went into meet Dave and his boys Evan and Josiah for some indoor playtime. Evan and Cole are the same age and Josiah and Finley are the same age so it was nice to let the big boys play and then we could sit and talk babies....yes, me and Dave...haha!!!
Evan is such a hoot, he is just a crazy man and absolutely hilarious. Him and Cole play well together so they had a good time. However, at one point, there are probably 8000 kids (no, I never exaggerate) in that one small area and I couldn't find Cole and had a bit of a freak-out moment because I was sure he got out and was outside the mall, walking the streets next to the busy highway :) Well, he did get out, he climbed over the seating area where the parents sit and was playing on a car ride thing. Whew!

Onto something fun, new and SCARY at the same time. Do you know what these cute things are?!?
Personally, I think these are just the cutest things ever!
Well, I've been thinking that we need to start potty training soon but I had absolutely no idea how to do it. I've heard some kids just potty train themselves but I knew by the time that would happen Cole would be going into middle school. He has definitely been showing signs that he's ready so I talked to my friend Jenn who just finished potty training her little guy and she gave me a bunch of great info. We are going to start the weekend after we get back from California and Nick is even going to take a day off of work so he can watch Finley for me and I can devote that time to Cole. I'm very excited to start the whole process and have one kid out of diapers but I'm also pretty curious how it's going to go because Cole is a MASSIVE wetter at night! I will post more about it after we go through the process.

The other day I let Cole pick out a couple packs of big boy underwear and of course he picked Toy Story and Mickey Mouse...was I surprised??? He is so curious about this underwear thing and always wants to wear them but we told him he can't wear him till he starts going in the potty.

This week we will be getting ready for our trip to Cali! We are so excited....especially because the high there is 80 degrees. Nick's parents and Emily headed out there yesterday and said the weather is just perfect. It will be a nice change because Wednesday is supposed to be 108! Yikes! Too bad that is the day I have decided to clear out my classroom and make the haul from my classroom to my car a bajillion times. Good times :)

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