Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mimi and Uncle Ross visit

Last Wednesday, my mom and brother Ross drove down to Dallas. My brother had a wedding in Houston so my mom decided to ride along with and spend the week with us. It was so great having them here because it gave us a little break and something to do in this gross heat. A couple mornings my mom took Cole to the splash park and they played there for a couple hours...just enough to wear him out! In the afternoons when it was just too hot to be outside, we would run errands. We went to the mall a few times, mainly to do some dress shopping for Blake and Emily's wedding. Cole found the merry-go-round and just had to go for a ride.
Friday night we grilled out and Nick's mom came up for a visit. As we all sat down to eat, I found it funny what our center piece was.....what a cute center piece though!!!
Saturday evening we met up with our friends for our "family playdate". It's pretty hilarious getting everyone together and chase all the kids around. Thank goodness my mom was around because she was able to chase Cole around and play referee or she could hold Finley while Nick and I did the chasing. We always have a great time playing and visiting with everyone, even though there isn't a lot of "visiting" going on when all the kids get together :)
We had to get a picture of all the kiddos (minus Finley). Getting 5 toddlers to sit and cooperate is not an easy thing to do. Here are all 5.....
There goes Liam.....
And, there goes Emme....
Sunday we went to church and then in the evening, Ross and my mom watched the kiddos. Nick went to dinner with his family and I attended our Life Group meeting. We are picking our new study that we will start in August and I'm excited that we are doing Love and Respect. I've had the book for several years but haven't ever read it or did the workbook so we are excited to go through it. I've heard great things about it! While Nick was with his family Sunday night, Emily sent this towel home for Cole. It's a Buzz Lightyear towel and Cole was SO excited to wear it. Whenever we were at home, he has it on. He wore it all day yesterday and put it on first thing this morning.
Cole has always loved the Cozy Coupe cars and my mom decided to get Cole one while she was here. My brother put it together for us yesterday and Cole had to help out....with his Buzz Lightyear towel :)
And again...wearing his towel this morning for breakfast
We were sad to see Mimi and Uncle Ross leave this morning, but luckily we will see them next week when we all go out to California for Blake and Emily's wedding. We are getting so excited to celebrate with Blake and Emily and can't wait for the festivities! This weekend was Emily's bachelorette party in Austin and I would have loved to have gone, but I felt that it still was a bit early to leave Finley for the weekend. Plus, when you have a breast-fed baby that refuses to take a bottle right now, that would have made for a loooong weekend for Nick :)
This week I need to get a few things wrapped up: Get my classroom cleaned out, return all my equipment, FINALLY get a YMCA gym membership and get packed. It's still so weird to me that I have to go pack up my classroom and that I won't be returning August 15th for in-service. Kinda bittersweet, but SO excited for this next chapter of my life!

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Sarah said...

yay for football season being back!! your family is GORGEOUS You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!