Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Weekend

Here is what our weekend consisted of:
Thursday evening my parents came back into town. Finley was a good girl and took great naps Thursday so I could get the house straightened up and get dinner in the crock pot.
Cole helped me get dinner ready that night. I think it's hilarious that he loves to snack on lettuce :)
Friday, my dad and I were on our way to take Cole to school and realized that Friday was the only day my dad would have to spend with Cole so we decided to play hooky from school so Cole could hang out with Papa. So we went to get coffee, we played, then headed downtown and met Nick for lunch and then dropped my dad off at his conference. My mom stayed with us the rest of the weekend. (I'm so mad I didn't take any pictures while they were here) Beau, Stacey and Grayson came over Friday night for dinner....always a good time with them! Grayson is so funny now, he just started walking and he's like a little drunk man walking around.

Saturday morning, Nick stayed home with Finley and my mom, Cole and I went to meet my friend Katy and her two girls for lunch. Katy is such a great friend, she even came with a giant bag of clothes for Finley. That couldn't have come at a better time because she is running out of clothes!!! She is pretty much in 9 month clothes and we were also needing some winter clothes so Katy definitely came to the rescue :)
Here is Cole, Morgan and Rory playing after lunch...those girls crack me up so much!

Saturday night we went to church and then watched some Crocodile Dundee...haha!
Sunday morning Cole and I took Mimi to the airport to meet my dad. They are going to Florida for another conference this week.
We just hung out the rest of the day. Blake and Emily came over and we watched some football and played outside.
Here is Finley showing off her mid-rolling over skills. She has gone from her back to tummy a couple times and I'm shocked she is doing it so soon. Cole was 6 months before he did that....maybe because he had more booty to hoist over :)
Love this sweet face :)
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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