Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with Jaime at This Kind of Love for What I Love Wednesday So many of my friends have been getting Tom's for Fall and I SO want some!! My friend Stacey said they just look like an "Annie" shoe and I totally agree!! These are a couple that I would love to have.

I love that I started a Bible Study at church and I'm so excited about it. We are doing Faithful, Abundant, True and so far it's pretty intense! I love it!
I love my nails this week. (I'm also loving my sparkly ring...hehe) I've wanted to try these nail sticker things so I finally put them on last week and they are so fun! They have so many patterns so this was my first pick. I'll definitely be trying some more.
I'm loving Finley's new shades. We got a gift card to Gymboree from Nick's grandpa and these were on sale so I grabbed a pair. She looks like a little bug...a little bald bug. I love her little bald head!
I'm also LOVING that she is so smiley and giggly now. Nick can really get her giggling and it is so precious! She also loves to laugh at her big brother.
I love Finley's pacifier's. They are Wubbanub's and we love them! It makes it so much easier for babies to hang on to them and they are just so darn cute. This is the one we have already, Freddy the Brown Teddy.
This is Finley sleeping with her Brown Teddy. (I know she is napping on my bed with lots of pillows and blankets everywhere, but don't worry, I check on her literally every 2 seconds, ha!)
This is the next Wubbanub that I want, so cute!
Last, I'm loving that Cole started Preschool Pals this morning. He was SO ready to get back into school and meet some friends and play. I've loved having him home with me the last few weeks but we were both ready for him to start back up and get some of that structure back.
This is him on our way this morning....
And this is me trying to get some pictures of him before he went into class. He was so excited I couldn't get a good picture. He was so fascinated by all the kids' backpacks and lunch bags that I couldn't keep him focused :)

It will be nice to have a few hours during the days to get some stuff done and I know he will have so much fun! Can't wait to hear how his first day went!


Kit said...

Great things you are loving today :)

The Volks said...

I saw some super cute little girl TOMs today! We totally need to get them for the kiddos. :)

coneandmo said...

Too cute! We miss Cole... well Ashlynn does. :)
We love the Wubbanubs! We have the Clifford, frog and penguion. I like the butterfly (?) and bear... love and wish we had the bear!!! Super cute!
We chould get together and play some day.