Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Day in the Life

A blog that I read, Live a Charmed Life, she did a fun post about a Day in the Life. It basically documented what her day consisted of and I thought I'd do the same. It's always kinda fun to go back and read this stuff to see how our lives have changed. Hopefully when I look back at this post a couple years down the road, I'll be getting more sleep than I am now :)
So this was our day, Monday September 26, 2011
We had no play dates, Bible study, MDO.....so this is what our days look like when we have nothing going on:

5:00am: Finley wakes up, I feed her and try to put her back down. It takes a couple attempts but she eventually does. I contemplate going for a run since everyone is still sleeping and I know I'll have an hour or so till everyone starts waking up....but...
5:50: Cole is at his door, knocking to come out, ugh! I make Cole get into bed with us and we lay there for awhile. Nick's alarm goes off and Cole helps dad get ready while I lay in bed a bit longer.
7:15: I finally get out of bed because all I hear is Cole yelling from the family room. I go out there and yell at Cole for yelling...ha! Not really.
7:45: Finley wakes for the day. I change her and feed her. Cole and I then have breakfast.
Cole plays around the house, Finley plays in the exersaucer and I check some emails, get on facebook and do a blog post.
9:00: Finley goes down for a nap. I do a little laundry, pick up the house a bit and Cole continues playing.
9:55: Finley wakes up and I change her and feed her
Pack everyone up in the car and we head to the park. It was an absolute gorgeous morning, perfect park weather. However, we had a little potty #2 issue while we were there. Thank God I got one of those little "to-go" seats for the back of my car and we used that. Gross though!!!
11:30: Head back home from park and Cole eats lunch. Cole then goes down for a nap and Finley goes down for a nap right away too. Praise the Lord...they are sleeping at the same time!! I then eat lunch, read some blogs and read my book for book club.
1:15: What!!! Cole, you are not up already!!! I give him some milk and make him lay down for awhile longer, a one hour nap is NOT cool! After he lays in bed awhile he finally asks to come out and I let him. He has a snack and then watching part of Annie until Finley wakes up. While he watches Annie, I do some meal planning for the week.

2:15: Finley wakes up, I feed and change her. We then get ready to go to Target to get groceries for the week. This is what my cart looks like when we are done. Not much more will fit and poor Cole is stuffed in there. I guess I might need to break out the "car cart" next time I'm there. But, then at least I know I can't buy a whole lot because it won't all fit, right??:)
We get home and while I put groceries away, Cole watches some tv and Finley hangs out on the floor.
4:15: Finley goes down for her last nap of the day. Cole and I sit down and have a little snack and hang out while sister sleeps. I also do some dishes and clean up the kitchen.

5:20: Finley wakes up, I feed and change her and then she hangs out in the kitchen with me while I start dinner. I made sloppy joes and asparagus. Once dinner is done, Cole and I eat dinner and Finley watches us. We typically eat dinner before Nick gets home because he usually doesn't get home till 7ish and by that time we are starting to get ready for bed.
7:10: Nick gets home and plays with Cole while I give Finley a bath
7:35: Cole goes to bed
7:50: I feed Finley and put her to bed...nighty night!!!

8:45: Ugh....Finley, why do you keep waking up an hour after I put you down???
She has been doing this lately and it's kind of annoying. I see if she has to burp, she doesn't burp so I feed her a bit more and then she goes back down. I think we are going to have to start the sleep training thing soon because she is getting to the point where I don't think she can put herself back to sleep once she wakes up. She does great for her naps, can put herself to sleep no problem, but not at night. She has been waking up at least 2 times at night lately and again, I think it's because she wakes up and can't put herself back to sleep....anyway...
9:15: Since I know my kids don't like to sleep right now, I decide I should get ready for bed and read my book. I go to sleep and sure enough, Finley wakes up at 1:30am, then 4:45am and doesn't want to go back to sleep....we are NOT starting our day at 5am, sorry. I made Nick get up with her :)

Anyway, that was our day yesterday...not too interesting but again, it will be fun to look back on this in a few years or when my kids are teenagers sleeping in till 10am, I can show them that once upon a time, they liked to wake up at 5am.

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