Saturday, October 1, 2011

Love this age!

I know I probably shouldn't say this and I will regret it when my kids are grown...but I am really glad that we are out of the newborn stage with Finley. Don't get me wrong, she was a great baby, pretty good sleeper, happy...but for some reason, newborns intimidate me. AND, she is so much fun right now and I see so much personality coming out.
I know she looks a little small in the Bob but it says that you can put them in there without the car seat around 10 weeks. I tried putting her in it yesterday for the first time without the car seat and she looked a little uncomfortable :)
How about this stroller....does she look comfortable here?? Ummmm, doesn't look like it. ha!
Probably in another month or so when she can sit more on her own she will be more comfortable in the strollers. Speaking of strollers....obviously right now we have the single Bob stroller which we LOVE!!! For the longest time I didn't think I would need or want the double Bob but I sure am re-thinking that idea! We have the sit n stand stroller (Craigslist, $40)which is great for travel or shopping, but I love to take the kids outside for walks/jogs and I can't do that in the sit n stand stroller. With me being home more and the weather being bearable now, I want to be outside all the time so we are wondering if we should get the double. Financially, we don't want to spend $600+ on another stroller, so we are looking on Craigslist. But I also can't decide if we should get rid of the single, oh, too many decisions!!
Is my husband teaching our daughter bad habits already?? We thought it was funny that Nick put the bottle right by her and she automatically opened her mouth. He also put some macaroni n cheese up to her mouth and she opened it nice and wide. Looks like when it comes time to feed her solids, she will get the hang of it quickly :)
We took this video last night while Nick was getting her ready for bed. She really is giggling a lot now and to a parent, that is the best sound!

I realize there are no pictures of Cole in this post so I'll leave this picture. Funny story....he has really been into Batman and Spiderman lately and his friend Evan sent him a birthday party invite and it was Spiderman. He was SO excited to get it that he wanted to take it to bed with him, ha! He kept asking for spiderman all day and then he'd sing happy birthday to the invitation. What a goof!Quick update on potty training: Still absolutely ZERO accidents at night. No diapers or pull ups, just an underwearing boy who rocks at night time! However, we did have a little set back once he started MDO. He's so quiet and didn't tell the teachers when he had to go so he had quite a few accidents the first few days at school, usually on the playground. However, he hasn't had a "wet" accident in a couple weeks now and the teachers said he's getting much better with that. I can't even remember the last time he wet his pants when I was with him, I guess I just know the signs and he tells me when he has to go. We still have a couple #2 accidents but I know that comes with time. When we are home he usually does great, but if we are at the park or out somewhere, sometimes he doesn't catch it till it's already coming out...yuck! Like this morning....we went to the park, and he had an accident. I looked and it was NOT the type that could be cleaned up in the back of my car. Luckily, Katie lives across the street from the park and we used her bathroom. That underwear was thrown out!!!!!
Overall, he is doing so good and I'm shocked with out easy he was to train....good job Cole!!!

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