Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5 Months

Our little Finley is 5 Months!!!
Besides the gigantic new bow mom made you, what else is new this month??

I'm guessing you weigh at least 16lbs
Not sure on the height, but you are dang tall!
Wearing a size 3 diaper
9 month clothes, and getting close to 12 month clothes
At the beginning of the month you had totally regressed with your sleep patterns, waking up around 1:30am and then again at 4:30am but one night I was so tired that I let you cry yourself to sleep and since then you have been sleeping 10-11 hours....thank God!!
Bedtime is around 8:00pm and you wake anytime between 5:30-7:00am.
You are still eating every 2.5-3 hours
I think I might start giving you some food here soon. You are obsessed with the spoon and totally know what to do with it and I just know you will do so well with solids. Maybe after we get back from Colorado we will start. I'll probably start with some sweet potato and anything green, the pediatrician told us.
You are definitely on 3 naps a day now. You take a 45-1 hr nap in the morning (9am), about a 2 hour nap early afternoon (12:00-2:00) and then another hour in the early evening (4:30).

You have become so wiggly. You are rolling all over the place now...ok, not all over the place, but you roll over pretty easily now. You are officially rolling from back to tummy now.
You love to grab everything in sight. I love putting my face up to yours and you just grab my face and try to eat it :)
You have started doing 360's in your crib and it's funny to see how you wiggle your way up from the bottom of the crib to the top corner by morning.
You are starting to become a little scared of strangers or people you haven't seen in awhile. This weekend when Sharon was here, you weren't too sure of her right away, but you quickly became great friends! You definitely like to keep an eye on your mama!!
You think your brother is about the coolest person ever. You will watch him so intently and laugh at him all the time. He has been so sweet to you, yesterday when we were laying in bed when you both woke up, he reached over and held your hand...melt my heart!!
This is Cole trying to give Finley some "juice" out of his fancy cup :)
Finley, you have brought nothing but pure joy to our lives and we all love you so much!!

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Bethany said...

Oh my! She's a giant baby! I think Ella is probably only about 11-12lbs. Granted Ella's a skinny lady. She sounds like a doll!