Thursday, October 27, 2011

My trip home

Last Saturday morning, Finley and I flew home to Colorado. My excuse was to see my new niece Sydney...but really I was anxious to see everyone!! :) Of course I was sad to leave Nick and Cole but I wasn't quite ready to fly with both kids by myself yet. Finley did great on the flight there, sleeping for most of it and then yelling/talking loudly the rest of the time.
My parents picked us up from the airport and we went straight to Ryan and Rachel's house. I was anxious to see their new house, which I LOVE, and to see Sydney. We hung out there the rest of the day and played with babies. :)
My dad holding Finley and Ryan holding his baby girl Sydney. Finley looks gigantic!!
Finley passed out while we chatted on the couch
The rest of the time just consisted of hanging out at my parents house, more playing with babies and visiting with friends and family.
This is me with my sweet niece
All the girls...except Finley, she was in bed :)
Me, Sydney, Rachel, Mimi and Cameron

One of the days I was there, I went to our massage guy who works wonders!! When I was in college and on the rowing team I had a lot of problems with my wrists and he always worked those problems out, he's pretty much amazing! Since I've had Finley I've been having the same problems and he worked on me while I was home. While I was there, my mom was in charge of Finley for the afternoon and it sounds like they had fun. Here is Finley "hanging" out with Mimi. :)
Uncle Ross also got to come up for one of the nights and it was great to see him. Finley loved Uncle Ross, she would just stare at cute!!
The last night there, my mom made a great dinner for everyone.
Here is Papa with Finley and Cameron.
He absolutely loves being a grandpa!!!
Cameron has become a big fan off Ross. The way she says his name is hilarious and I just thought this was so sweet. He played with her for quite awhile and I know that means so much to Cameron.
How pretty is she!?! I could just eat her up...she is such a sweet baby who loves to snuggle!!
While I was there, it was perfect weather! 80 degrees on Monday, mid 70's Tuesday. Then all of a sudden Tuesday night...this came in!! This is what it looked like when we woke up and it wasn't even done snowing at this point yet! I think they got about 10 inches. It was so pretty but VERY wet and heavy. The roads were totally fine because it had been so warm but the trees definitely got a beating!
Finley and I had to fly out that afternoon and luckily there was no flight delays. Finley even got to wear her new hat that I got her. She will totally be ready for some cold Thanksgiving weather when we go back! It's just so crazy that it was hot Monday then snowing Wednesday! Crazy Colorado weather!
Finley and I had so much fun and it was great to see everyone! We cannot wait to come back for Thanksgiving with the rest of our family...we sure did miss Cole and Nick!
Also, a big THANK YOU to Gigi for watching Cole for a few days. I know he had a great time and we are so blessed to have you around! :)
Gigi was also a huge help last night getting home and us experiencing our first throw up experience. If anyone knows anything about me, throw up is my biggest phobia EVER!!! Luckily I've been blessed with a child that has never once thrown up....till last night. Don't worry, Cole is totally fine, it was just the result of getting dizzy, coughing/gagging at once and it just came out. Yikes!!! After we got everything cleaned up, we had to laugh. Ha!!

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