Monday, October 10, 2011

The Past few days

This past week has been pretty crazy! Hence the long absence from blogging. I wanted to start off though, with these pictures of me and my kiddos from last week. I don't take a lot of pictures with them so I wanted to post the ones that actually turned out.
Finley and I match....and I didn't even plan it that way :)
Can you believe we actually got both of the to smile at once??? Well, Finley's is kind of a half-smirk but still so cute!!!
So what have we been up to the last few days???
Thursday morning I met up with the girls at my MOPS table and we took some goodies to one of the fire stations. We took the kids with us and luckily they gave us a tour and showed the kids all the trucks and equipment. I think they were all in awe because Cole is still talking about fire trucks and I know they all had a blast.
Here are the bigger kids
They were so nice and let the kids put on some gear and take pictures. This was a big hit!! Cole especially loved wearing the boots because he's been obsessed with boots lately. His little friend Caden has some rain boots and Cole puts them on every time we go to their house. I think I need to get him his own pair of rain boots.
Friday morning I had Mops and then I had to get ready for our weekend guests. Nick and his buddy Chris Bell went on a fishing trip to Wisconsin and his wife and daughter were going to come spend the weekend with us. I was SO grateful that she came up because I absolutely hate being home alone and this would have been my first time alone with both kids for several days so having Sharon around was fabulous!
Also on Friday, my good friend Kelly went into the hospital to have their baby girl Rowan and they needed a little help with Liam. He was at MDO but needed someone to take him home so of course I offered. Gigi was around Friday to help with Cole so Finley and I went to pick up Liam. Do you think he was a bit confused as to why I was picking him up??? ha!
After getting Liam dropped off, I headed home and Sharon and Reagan showed up soon after I got home. Cole was SO excited to see them and he and Reagan just played and played all afternoon and evening.
This is them jumping on my couch...yikes!!! They were acting like crazy people that first night and it was so fun to watch them!
Saturday morning, we packed up all the kids and headed to Grapevine Sea Aquarium. We dropped Finley off at Gigi's house so it could just be me and Cole and we had such a great time.
Here is Cole and his future bride....she is the cutest, sweetest girl!!
Here are a couple more pictures from the aquarium
This is just a funny random picture from Saturday. I have absolutely loved having this nap nanny but I'm thinking she may be getting a little big for it. She is such a squirmy thing lately that she's flipping right out of it.
Sunday we went to church and Cole was so nice to show Reagan his Sunday school room. We didn't get called out of church so that is always a success. :)
Later that afternoon we went to a gymnastics place for Evan's 3rd birthday party. We had a blast there and it was so fun watching Cole this time. He had another party there about 9 months ago and he didn't really participate much so this time he was having a blast.
Cole and Reagan enjoying some goodies...

Sharon and Reagan enjoying some cake and ice cream
Sharon and Reagan left this morning and we were both pretty sad. Cole hates when people leave, especially his future wife, ha! He just sat at the window asking were Reagan went. They had so much fun together and it's so fun to see our kids play together. I appreciate Sharon making the long trip up more than I can express. She is such a great friend and will forever be a life-long friend, even if we live 4 hours away. She is such a great example of what a great mom is and she and Chris definitely need to have LOTS of kids because she is so good at this mom thing! I wish I had a video camera at the lunch or dinner table this weekend because Reagan is not quite 2 years yet and I have never heard anyone her age talk the way she does. Her vocabulary is amazing and every word that comes out of her mouth is so clear. She can talk circles around Cole and she's 9 months younger!! Maybe it's just a girl thing but she literally didn't stop talking during all our meals...hilarious!!!
Even though we are sad our friends left, we are getting so excited to have Nick home again. We sure have missed him and can't wait to see him tonight!

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