Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's that time again

Yes, it's that time in my life where I break out the good 'ol Super Baby Food book.

So that I can make lots of this.....
Last Friday I gave Finley her first taste of food. Our doc told us to start with anything green, but I just couldn't resist starting her on sweet potato. That was one of Cole's first foods and he loved it so I wanted to start her off with a good taste in her mouth. :)
I made all of Cole's food and plan on doing the same for Finley. I love doing it and it is SO much cheaper! Granted, it does take some extra time but I knocked these 3 foods out pretty quickly yesterday. Yesterday I made zucchini, pears and a butternut squash. Note to parents, one butternut squash makes an insane amount of baby food!!! That is a gallon size bag completely full! I also have peas and green beans that I need to puree, so I will be doing that in the next day or two. I can't say that she really enjoyed her first couple experiences with food, but she didn't hate it either :)

I told Nick that he needed to get the high chair out of the attic, because what you see below...well, we just can't have this!! First off, I don't understand how these bumbo chairs are even safe! Look at this crazy girl! Second, I wouldn't even be able to leave her alone in this for a second! Granted, I did have her on the table while doing this but I was holding her the entire time.
I just can't believe that she is already old enough to be eating food....oh yeah, and just a couple hours ago, I got to change the very first "solid food" diaper!! Yikes!!! I think she lost about a pound from everything that came out and boy was it stinky!! I will miss the days of those non-smelly diapers...never again :)

Here is a cute video to leave you with. Finley thinks our puppies are pretty hilarious and I love that they can entertain her. (If you're wondering why that bin is under her jumper, our doors are too tall for the jumper to reach the ground)

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