Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Festivities

Our Halloween fun-ness started last Friday at school. Cole's class had a party and the parents were invited. I have been saying since Cole started school that I would love to be a fly on the wall to see how he is during the day. Does he listen to the teachers? Does he play with the other kids? Does he eat his boogers?? Yes, I've seen him do it once!! So when we were invited I was so excited about going! I got to observe him play for awhile, which was pretty funny. He kept playing in front of the mirror, doing some funny dances and laughing at himself. Then they worked on a craft and had a yummy snack.

"Look mom!"
I had so much fun helping celebrate his party and I know he was so excited that I could stay! After we left the party, Finley and I went and hung out with James (Finley's boyfriend) and Katie. It's always nice to have some girl time, especially because she lives down the street from me! Besides Finley molesting James in this picture, are they not the sweetest babies ever!?! James cracks me up, he looks like a little old man. Such a sweet baby, and I could just squeeze those cheeks of his.
Sunday evening our church put on a Fall Festival so we took the kiddos to that. Obviously Cole loved the bounce houses, we could barely get him out of there. However, Nick had to drag him out after he kept punching kids in the head. I guess he took his Superman costume to a new level. :)
Cole also went down some fun slides.
While Cole was having all his fun, Miss Finley was just hanging out being a good girl. She even took a little nap with all the commotion.
Me and my girl
Yay!!! We finally got a family picture!!! Maybe in about 10 years we will have pictures where everyone is looking at the camera.
Monday morning, our mom's group had a party and there were TONS of kiddos there. Probably 25ish. They had so much fun and it was funny because towards the end it was meltdown city!!!! All us mom's were laughing because it was one meltdown after another. Cole took at GREAT nap yesterday!
He hung out by the food most of the time :) And he did lose his cape somewhere along the way.
We did do a little trick or treating last night too. We took him to see Andy and Teresa because they always like the kids to come by and saw some other friends while we were there. Unfortunately on the way home Finley was zonked and I had to go put her to bed while Nick took Cole around our neighborhood. Oh well, next year I'm sure she will cooperate more :) Overall, we all had a great time and can't wait for next year!

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Katie said...

I had a great time on our date. I forgive you for attacking me. Let's do it again soon. Love, James