Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just some randoms

There is nothing I love more than snuggling with my babies early (yes, 6 am early) in the morning. Ok, so no I don't particularly enjoy getting up THAT early, but I do love sitting with these cuties and snuggling with them. With the time change tonight, I'm curious how that will go over. I'm not too worried about it. Finley is pretty good in that she'll sleep 10-11 hours no matter what time we put her to bed. However, Mr. Cole wakes up at 6:30-ish no matter what time he goes to bed. Ugh! Maybe we can bribe him to stay in bed an hour longer, yeah??? :)
Last night when dad got home, this is what he came home to. Yes, Cole is completely my child because this is exactly how my room looked when I was little. This made for a fun before-bed activity....I know you are jealous of our Friday night!!!
Last night I got this text message from my mom with this picture. Can you believe my dad!?! He just up'd and decided to trade in the four wheelers and get this! He's taking his class this weekend to get his license, but I'm not quite sure if I'll be ready to go for a ride when I come home over Thanksgiving. Maybe just around the block.....:)
Nick has a softball tournament today and I took the kids to his first game at 10:00am. I knew it wouldn't interfere with naps and even though it was pretty chilly and windy, we still had fun. Cole had a blast watching and cheering for dad. I had to stop him a few times from running onto the field because he wanted to play too. Nick was nice enough to throw the ball with him after his game. Cole has been so attached to Nick lately, wanting to do everything dad is doing, even wanting to go to work with him. Poor guy....he's just stuck with mom all the time :)
Don't you hate it when you are trying to make it home for naps and you try and try to keep everyone awake so they don't fall asleep in the car, because everyone knows that even if they sleep 10 min in the car, good luck trying to get them back to sleep. Anyway, unfortunately it didn't work. Finley fell asleep first and then Cole. Trying to get 2 kids back into the house and keep them asleep is quite the task! I got Cole inside, undressed b/c he was filthy, went potty.....except he didn't get "it" down in time and pee'd ALL over both of us and the bathroom. Great, perfect timing! Got us both cleaned up and him into bed and now it was Finley's turn (Yes, I left her in the car....don't judge). I got her inside, changed her diaper and fed her a bit so she would go back to sleep. Nope! She thought she was done with her nap. So....I spent the next 30 min doing this with her.
I got to rock her, which I actually loved doing because she doesn't typically like to be held or rocked while sleeping. She just likes to be laid I definitely welcomed this! After she was good and asleep I did lay her down because her fat body was starting to hurt my arms :)
Now I am enjoying a quiet house and as I write this I'm wondering what that pee smell is and realize I forgot to change my sweater....guess I should go do that. I love boys!!! :)
Happy Weekend!

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