Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family Pics and big boo boo's

We took some family pictures this weekend and I was so excited for them! We haven't taken real family pictures since last summer so it was definitely time! Colleen took Finley's newborn pictures and she did our family pictures this weekend also, she is so great to work with! I had spent most of last week getting all our outfits prepared and semi-matching. I like to all have different colors but all follow the same color scheme. With it being winter and "kind of" Christmas pictures, we went with gray's, red's and blacks. I can't wait to see how they all turned out. I snapped this picture right before we left to send to my sister-in-law so we could talk about pictures the grandkids are taking over Thanksgiving...and this picture just turned out so darn cute!! Of course when you aren't really trying, they both smile, right?
Literally, 5 minutes before we are needing to walk out the door, Cole was running around like a crazy man. He tripped and went head first into our iron kitchen table. He was hysterically crying, you know those deep sobs where they can't quite catch their breath? We were a little concerned because he was acting a bit off, so I kept an eye on him and after some Tylenol and a couple suckers, he seemed to be ok.
He had a giant goose egg on his forehead and a few bruises on his cheek.
Our pictures went great, both kids were in great moods and the weather was great. After getting into the car, Cole crashed.
The rest of our weekend was great, we spent some time with friends and also spent some time at home. I love Cole and Finley are starting to interact a bit. Finley thinks Cole is the coolest, funniest person ever and when she laughs at him, he gets the biggest kick out of that. He is so sweet to her!

Crazy girl :)
Random story....Nick and I used to do P90X pretty regularly but when I got pregnant and the only form of exercise I could do was walking to the mailbox, we stopped doing it obviously. I'm really wanting to get back into working out but I have not done it in so long and am so out of shape that I was afraid to get right back into P90X. My mom has these other DVD's that is a part of Beach Bodies but they aren't as long and hard. I brought them home and would start with these before P90X. I had the DVD's laying in our office and this one was laying on top. Cole saw this and says, "Look...Mimi". Ha!!! However now, he sees it and says "Mama". Nick came home from work and he shows it to him and says "Dad, look...Mama". Yes Cole.....you are certainly correct. That IS your mama on the cover of the DVD!!! :)

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