Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finley's 6 month appointment

Yesterday I took Finley to her 6 month appointment. I always love well-checks, I just like to see how much they have grown. :) Here are her stats:
Weight: 17.5 lbs - 73%
Height: 27.25in - 93%
Head: 17in - 70%
I had a feeling that she was pretty tall, so this definitely made me certain. I think she's going to get the long torso like her dad and long legs like her mom...hopefully! Except hopefully she's not 6ft 5in. :) What I like about the second child is that the doctor is pretty quick with our appointments. Unless I have specific questions, he pretty much tells me what I need to know and sends us on our way. She was supposed to get her first ever shot yesterday but because she's been pretty congested for a couple weeks, he wanted to wait till she was completely healthy. She will get her first shot after Thanksgiving break, then another one a month later. I love that our doctor lets us do our shot schedule how we like...with some guidance, obviously!
Overall, she is great...the doctor and I were laughing because the second the doctor walked into the room, she just laid on the bed, so completely still. She just watched everything the doctor was doing and didn't take her eyes off him. He checked her eyes, ears, gums, everything and she sat there so still. Silly girl :)
Now we just need to work on getting her completely healthy. Start loading her up on some Briar Rose, hopefully that will do the trick! :)

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