Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

Here is a little recap of our weekend. Friday night, I'm not sure if everyone will be able to handle what party animals we are, but I'll go ahead and tell you. Nick put Cole to bed around 8:00 and decided to lay down with him. Nick proceeds to fall asleep in there and I can't even tell you what time he came to bed. Since my evening was kinda shot, I decided to just go lay in bed and read my book. I end up falling asleep around 9:00...I know, we are ca-razy people, right!?!

Saturday, our friends The Cone's came for a little lunch visit. Dave and the boys were in our neck of the woods and came over for a visit and it was so great to see them! Cole and Evan always have a great time playing and to say "boys will be boys"....these pictures of them wrestling says just that!
Evan is quite the bruiser!! He had Cole pinned down pretty good a few times.
Saturday evening we met up with our friends for our "Adult playdate". Ha! We love getting together with everyone and it sure is crazy with all the adults AND all the kiddos. It is definitely entertaining and the kids have a great time.
Grayson and Finley
Even though this jumperoo is always in Grayson's play room, of course he wasn't interested in it till Finley got into it.
Crazy kid....yep, that's our Godson :)
It's always been a tradition to get a picture of all the kiddos and if you can imagine, it's not an easy task!!! It's funny because once the parents gets each kid in place it's a race against time to get the camera's flashing. We were like the paparazzi, flashes everywhere!!! We did get a few good ones but the other not-so-good ones are absolutely hilarious!!!
Liam, Emerson, Piper, Grayson, Cole
Here is their first picture together last year. It was a terrible picture and Grayson was little enough that he was in bed, but here are the 4 older ones:
Emerson, Piper, Cole and Liam
Sunday after church and naps, Cole and Nick did some yard work and also cleaned our windows. Nick got our yard ready for winter and now our yard looks a little bare :(
Cole had a blast washing windows with dad because Nick let him spray and he LOVED that!
"I got you mom!!!"
Just to leave you with a cute video of my kiddos laughing together this morning. I love that they are interacting a bit and can entertain each other. Nothing better than toddler and baby laughs!!

This should be a fun week, bounce houses, Bible Study, Finley's 6 month appointment, Mops and getting packed for Colorado!!! Can't wait to be in some colder weather!!

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