Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happenings lately

Here are a few things that have been going on around here the last week or so.  We are definitely in the full swing of summer and it is getting HOT!  Of course the kids still want to be outside playing so we go hang out with Jackson and jump on their trampoline.
Last time we were there Finley acted like she wanted to get in, so I let her...thinking she would get scared.  She didn't...this girl has no fear!

The other day, Finley had woken up from her nap.  Cole always loves to go in with me and help get her out of bed.  This is the look she usually gives me when I go get her.  I love her little mysterious look!!! :)
But she definitely gets so excited when big brother gets in bed with her.  There is nothing better in her world than when her brother gives her attention.  I love it!

The last couple months, Finley, who would hardly eat anything as a baby, would make an entire jar of baby food last 3 days, has become my little piggy!!!!  She wants to eat constantly, and eats way more than her brother.  Still haven't found a food she doesn't like but she definitely likes to make sure the dogs don't go hungry, as half of her food ends up in the dogs mouths.
Finley is also getting good at saying her "cheese" for the camera :)

This past weekend, we joined Pete and Katie at their pool.  It's a very short walk from their house so we just loaded the kiddos up in their wagon.  Is this not the sweetest thing!?!

Sunday we had Addison's 2nd birthday party at one of our favorite splash parks.  We absolutely love it at this park.  This was also Finley's first time at a splash park. 

Cole and his friend Reese
The birthday girl Addison....Happy Birthday!!!!
This week is a very crazy week!!!  Cole and I have VBS at church.  I am volunteering with the 3rd and 4th graders and love it!!!  I'm definitely not used to this age group, I'm used to the high school age but I am definitely having a blast!  It's amazing, we have over 1000 kids at VBS!  Today, my group of boys decided to drench me during the outside activities, AND I was wearing jean shorts.  Note to self, don't wear denim tomorrow!  Oh well, it was hot and it actually felt nice, but I will be getting them back before the week is over!
Our group got a visit from the Frisco Fire Dept.  It was pretty cool, they actually got a call while they were at church so we got to see them hurry and get their gear on and turn the sirens on.
 Like I said, Cole goes with me to VBS and he is exhausted by the time we leave!  I don't take Finley with me because there is no way she would last and that would stress me out so Tracy has been watching her.  This is Cole after about 2 seconds in the car.  And....I successfully transferred him to his bed and he went back to sleep...praise the Lord!

Also this week, we signed all our paperwork last night and our house goes on the market tomorrow morning!  Our house has never been so clean and I'm praying it sells fast because I have no idea how I'm going to do all this showing stuff with two small kids.  Let's pray it sells fast!

Well, that's all for now.  Looking forward to this weekend and having lots of showings, woohoo!!


Christi Ellis said...

Why y'all selling? Leaving town or just in need of change?

Rachel said...

Finley is getting to be such a big girl! I can't believe it. And yay for getting the house on the market! So exciting! Keeping my fingers crossed it sell quickly.