Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My first trip away from BOTH kids

 Last weekend was my very first trip away from Finley.  It's always kind of hard to leave a nursing baby, especially when they don't sleep through the night.  BUT, now that I'm done nursing and she has been sleeping through the night, we knew it was definitely time for us to have a weekend away.  Chris and Sharon Bell, our good friends from Houston invited us to Lake LBJ down in hill country.  About an hour west-ish of Austin.  We have never been to that part of the state and it was the only weekend we had free this entire month so we couldn't turn down the offer.  Chris rented this amazing house right on the lake, it was gorgeous!  They had 2 other couples from Houston come along and one couple had a boat.  
We weren't for sure if we were going to be able to go down Friday or Saturday but it just worked out that Nick's parents flew in from London....yes, London, pretty much walked in the door and we left soon after.  Dennis and Tracy didn't even have time to unpack!!!  What rockstars they are!!  They actually just came and stayed at our house so the kids could sleep in their own beds.  It worked out great and we are so thankful for them!

 Nick and I had a 4 hour drive down there and it was a beautiful drive.  It was also nice to just relax in the car and not have to listen to Mickey Mouse sing-a-long songs :)
We got there around 10:00pm and we just hung out the rest of the night and then got a good night sleep.
The next morning, we cooked breakfast and sat out on the patio...this is the view from the patio.  Gorgeous!!

Sharon and Chris enjoying breakfast!

 After breakfast, we hit the water and spent most of the day out there.  Most everyone either water skied or wake boarded.  The water got pretty rough so we decided to head in and hung out the rest of the afternoon.  One of the other couples had a little 2 month old little girl named Kate.  She was the sweetest little baby and so easy to have around.  I mean, this little girl would sit on this blanket for an hour, just looking around, being completely content.  So, I got to love up on this little one when I was missing my babies :)

Love her arm rolls!!!
Even Sharon got to get in on the cuddle action...even though she's about ready to pop her own baby out!
 After dinner, the water calmed down a bit and we went back out on the water.  I really wanted to try wake boarding so I got up enough courage and gave it a shot.  I had tried wake boarding one time, about 5 years ago but all I did was get up and that's about it.  Well, believe it or not I got up right away but then wasn't quite sure what to do once I got up.  I'm not a snow boarder so it was all a little foreign to me....but, at least I got up!! :)

The rest of our time there was just so fun!  It's nice to go to bed knowing you don't have to wake up early with little ones.  However, why was everyone up by 7:30am??  Ugh!!!  
Anyway, we got up and headed out pretty early Sunday morning.  We had to get a lot of work done around the house and needed to get back to get to work.  
The kids had a great time and did great with Gigi and Granddad (so they tell us...haha!).  I was so happy to see them and being gone for 2 nights was the perfect warm up for our trip to Vegas in a couple weeks.

Sunday night, Pete and Katie needed some help with their new computer so we found that as a great excuse to have some dinner with them :)  While we were there, I found Cole and Finley's next Christmas present....a dog cage.  This thing provided an hour's worth of entertainment and laughs.
 I also had to show this picture of Cole from last night.  He was "talking on the phone", Mary Poppins style.  But was using a piece of broccoli and old radio instead :)
Where does this kid come up with this stuff!!!

This week has been absolutely crazy!!!  Nick and I decided to put our house on the market and we want to have it ready to show in 2 weekends.  We have been working non stop the last few weeks getting things ready.....purging, painting, re-grouting, caulking, landscaping and even new carpet.  Holy cow I can't believe all that goes into just showing a house!!  I just pray (real hard) that it doesn't take long to sell because I cannot imagine what it's going to be like trying to show a house with 2 small people and 2 dogs!  
Whew, what have we gotten ourselves into!!

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YAY!!! Congrats on putting the house on the market!!!! It is such a great house, I bet it sells fast!