Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day

 On Memorial Day, we had a little impromptu get together with our life group.  The Fish's were so nice to let us come to their house...even though they weren't going to be there :)  They have an awesome pool and backyard so it was nice to not have to fight the crowds at the neighborhood pools.  Everyone but the Fish's were there so it was great to spend the day with friends.  I knew Cole would need a little nap during the day, so I put him down at 10:45am....yes, you read that correctly :) He usually takes a nap at 1:00pm but oh well, he slept, my plan worked!  While Cole slept, Nick worked on some sheet rock he had to replace in the garage and Finley and I headed over to swim.  Once Cole woke up, the boys headed over.

Finley with her boyfriend James...just sprawled out on the floor :)
Finley with Ms. Addison....she just turned 2 and is the sweetest girl :)
 We all brought food for a pot luck style lunch and I won't mention who (Patsy...cough cough), introduced Finley to Cheetos Puffs.  I think Finley ate her body weight in cheetos! :)

Dad with his kiddos
Are we surprised that Cole is the only one with dry hair???  He's going to hate me when we start swim lessons again in July!! :)
 After spending several hours at the pool and realizing I forgot to put sunscreen on myself, we decided to head home and get cleaned up for dinner with friends.  Finley took a nap when we got home so she was nice and refreshed for dinner.  We met Beau and Stacey, Whit and Tiff and all the kids at Babe's.  The food tasted SO good that night, I don't know why but I definitely ate way too much.  After dinner we attempted to get some pictures of the kiddos and we actually got quite a few good ones.
Grayson, Finley, Cole, Emily and Joseph

It was a great weekend, so nice to have Nick around for that extra day.  We got a ton of work done around the house, but nobody come by our house because even though we did a lot of work, it looks like a bomb went off in our house.  Trying to purge things out of your house makes a huge mess! :)

I did have to show this video I took of Finley last night, she is really started to talk more and more and communicate and she's just the cutest!

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Stacey said...

Video is private - please fix that b/c I'm running out of rainy day things to do with G! Haha - videos of his friends are my last resort! :)