Monday, May 7, 2012

Finley's 1st Birthday Party

Finley is about to turn 1 year old this week!  I cannot believe a year has flown by already!  It definitely goes so much faster with your second child.  May is a VERY busy month so we decided to have a little birthday party for Finley on Sunday.  We tried to keep it pretty small, but I still wanted it to be special since we did a big party for Cole's 1st birthday.  I was so grateful my mom came into town for the party because she was a huge help!  Sometimes I don't anticipate the amount of work parties are going to be till the day of and I'm running around like a crazy lady.  So, the extra help was much appreciated!
Here are some of her decorations from her party...
I wanted to keep people out of the kitchen so we set up the food in the family room
I had pretty much made this sign for Cole's 1st birthday party so I kept the letters and found different paper and ribbon and voila!
The candy jars....I'm sure all the parents were happy with me, sending their children home with gobs of candy!  Sorry!

The drink and cake table
Finley's little smash cake was a carrot cake and for the bigger cake we just did white and chocolate but all 3 flavors were wonderful!  Rosie, our cake lady does not disappoint :)

My good friend Ann does a lot of embroidery and I had asked her to make Finley a birthday shirt.  I was tempted to put a "1" on it for a special birthday shirt but I also wanted her to be able to wear it besides that one this is what we came up with and I loved it!  I found the perfect tutu to go with it and I made her bow and she looks absolutely adorable!


Nick and I with our birthday girl
 I was so excited to watch her dive into her cake, she is not afraid of food or mess so I knew she would go nuts with it.  Cole was very timid of his cake...he hates being messy so watching something totally different was going to be so fun!
Everyone singing Happy Birthday to her
 Just like I thought, she absolutely destroyed her cake!  She didn't waste any time digging into it, however, you can see in this picture that there is none on her face :)  She had more fun playing with the cake than eating it.  She had a few bites and liked it but was more entertained with mashing it between her fingers.

She finally started eating a little bit

Again, so grateful for my mom making the trip down here.  We were sad Papa couldn't make it but we got to talk to him on the phone later that night and told him all about the party.
Mimi is so funny!!
Granddad and Gigi - so grateful for these two!!!!
 After she was done with her cake, she did have quite a bit on her tummy, legs, arms, we gave her a quite sink bath and she was "kinda" as good as new :)

 Finley opened a few presents and I just wanted to show off a couple....first off, our good friends got her this totally inappropriate (but hilarious), will never leave the house with this on, 2-piece swimsuit :)  We all got a good laugh and of course had to do some modeling.
Yeah, my face says it all.....baha!!!
Finley loves her little Sock Fox, she snuggled with it last night and was so cute!

 Alright, I promised some modeling, here ya go.....
 We all couldn't stop laughing!!!!

The rest of the time was spent playing with her friends, playing outside, eating lots of food and making great memories.

Finley and her neighbor friend Kate.  We are lucky to have great neighbors with someone Finley's age.
We definitely let Finley have way too much sugar yesterday! :)  She had a donut for breakfast, cake, suckers, yikes!

 We had such a great time at Finley's 1st party, and are so grateful for our friends and family that came and were also a big help with getting things ready.  We appreciate everyone so much!  Finley is such a lucky girl to have such wonderful people in her life and we couldn't ask for a better group of people!  Much love!!!  :)


Bethany said...

how fun!!! Ella's first is just around the corner too…how crazy! And I LOVE that swim suit!!

Rachel said...

Ummm so I totally teard up when I read this...I guess I have a little too much Mommy in me. I CAN NOT believe she is already 1. She is so stinkin' cute I can't stand it. Oh and I love the new suit ;)